Reasons why she is the best friend we all want to have

If something has characterized Salma Hayek In her more than 30-year career as an actress and producer, in addition to the success with which she has chosen her projects and the collaborators with whom she works, it is her personality. A mixture of candor, strength, intelligence, freshness, outburst, frankness, sensuality, memory and a Mexican but very cosmopolitan soul that, over the years, has grown as much as her name has in the entertainment industry. .

And that now, after following in his footsteps and applauding his transition from television to film and that, no matter how big and how much weight his name has in front of and behind the camera or the spectacular lifestyle he leads, it is that connection that has always maintained with her country and with the public that saw her emerge the one that makes us think that Salma Hayek She is the best friend we all wish we had.

Salma Hayek in Teresa.
Salma Hayek in her iconic role as Teresa

There are plenty of reasons to let your imagination fly, but here we list some inspired by the aspects of her professional life that are visible to all and are captured by cameras and some of her private life that she herself lets us see.

Salma Hayek, Mexican actress and producer
Salma Hayek

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