Pupusas: five peculiar facts that perhaps you did not know

Pupusas are recognized in Salvadoran gastronomy as an exceptional typical dish. In this sense, we share some little-known data

Pupusas are considered one of the exceptional typical dishes in El Salvador, which both Salvadorans and foreigners fall in love with, as they are prepared with ingredients for all tastes. The traditional specialty in pupusas are the scrambles, of cheese, beans with cheese, pork rinds, cheese with loroco and squash.

However, the ingenuity in the culinary art of the compatriots has expanded the recipe book of this delicious typical food and has created the variety with a touch of flavor with ingredients, such as edible herbs, chicken and even seafood.

Any Salvadoran knows that pupusas are made with corn or rice dough and are accompanied by tomato sauce and tanning; however, surely many do not know the following curiosities about this delicious dish. We tell you:

1- Origin

The first reference to the origin of this dish dates back to 1570 in a text by Fray Bernandino de Sahagún who came to America with the Spanish; in his writings he tells about the existence of a cooked dough, which was mixed with meat and beans.

Cheese pupusas with loroco. Photo/ Shutterstock

From that date until now, the acceptance of pupusas is indisputable, diners usually accompany them with coffee, chocolate or soft drinks. The approximate nutritional value of each pupusa is 350 calories and according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) it is an essential part of the basic diet of salvadorans.

2- In the eastern zone they are served in a different way

The pupuserías of San Miguel and La Unión substitute the traditional tomato sauce and tanning with vinegar that accompany this delicious dish for black sauce and sweet tomato sauce (known as Ketchup) and tanning with mayonnaise.

These accompaniments are so popular that in the case of San Miguel they have become a symbol of the gastronomy of the department. Carrots and onions are also added to the curtido with mayonnaise, which give it a unique flavor; although in the rest of the country the one prepared with vinegar is preferred.

EDH Photo / Archive

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3- They have their day

By legislative decree, every second Sunday of November the National Day of the Pupusa is celebrated; The celebration is big, during the day different activities are carried out in the most recognized pupusdromes of the country.

Parades, live music, pupusa eating contests, the fastest pupusera and the largest pupusa in the world, are part of this party. For you to celebrate it in a big way, nothing better than enjoying the flavor that you like the most.

Cassava pupusas/ Archive

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4- They are not only corn or rice

In the municipality of Nahuizalco, Sonsonate, the typical dish is the delicious pupusas made from yucca dough, accompanied by tanning and tomato sauce.

For those who like yuca and texture, already combined with different ingredients such as beans, cheese or pork rinds, they are delicious; and they are special because they do not carry fat. The process itself prevents them from having fat, and that makes them more exquisite.

Photo HRE/ Jessica Orellana

5-Beyond the borders

From presidents to singers, here is a list of the most emblematic diners who have tasted the delicious pupusas: Thalía, Barack Obama, Eugenio Derbez, chef Anthony Bourdain. They have been delighted with the delicious taste. To this is added that various influencers worldwide have been conquered by the pupusas.

Even the musical film, winner of 6 Oscars in 2017, has a scene where the actors Emma Stone and Ryan Gossling are sitting in the Salvadoran food joint Sarita’s Pupusería, which gained great notoriety after appearing in the film.

Screenshot from the movie “La La Land”

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