participate in the Island Jumping Games and win rewards

Epic Games is shining a spotlight on some very interesting islands in Creative mode and offering exciting rewards like the Macaw dark wings retro backpack for those who visit them as part of the Island Hopper games of Fortnitewe tell them how to participate.

How to participate in the Island Hopper Games Fortnite

They just have to go to the Island Hoppers section in the game menu, visit the different islands and complete a specific mission on each of them. You have until Wednesday, July 6, 2022 at 09:00 am (Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Ecuador time) to participate..

Below we will detail each of the missions. Click on the link to know the page of each island and see its code. We have survival games, racing games and even a murder mystery.

Find out how to participate and what cosmetics you can earn as rewards in the Fortnite Island Hopper Games.

What are the rewards of the Island Jumping Games?

  • Raven Spray: complete a islandhopper mission
  • GG emoticon: complete a islandhopper mission
  • Tropical Infrared Paper: fill in three island hopper quests
  • Desolation Spray: fill in three island hopper quests
  • peak of the tropics: complete six island hopper quests
  • Macaw Dark Wings Retro Backpack: complete six island hopper quests

You can see the challenge islands and their rewards in action in the video below:

This is a great way to showcase the talent of island builders in Fortnite Creative Mode. More events like this please!

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