‘Oops I did it again’, the strange videos of Britney Spears on Instagram that concern her fans

If I had to summarize what it has meant Britney Spears for the world of music in the 90s and 2000s in a nutshell, it would be enough to use only two: worldwide phenomenon. His beginnings in show business, although much more discreet, came at the early age of 11 with her participation in the program The Mickey Mouse Club in 1992, after several years participating in some theatrical performances of lesser impact.

However, his adolescence marked the beginning of what would be forged as one of the most relevant figures in contemporary pop culture with Baby One More Time in 1999, still today an album that crossed the limits becoming the best-selling album by a teenage solo artist in history. A year later, she returned to the fray with Oops!…I Did It Againindelible anthem of an entire decade of American pop that has still influenced many artists mainstream today, no less than 22 years after the release of this famous album that sold a whopping 1.3 million copies in the United States in the first week on sale alone.

Britney has been able to diversify her work to the point of perfecting, in addition to singing, many other facets such as dance and choreography, composition, modeling, acting, fashion design and even business activity.

However, this cultural ‘all-rounder’ has been through very difficult times in his personal lifecoming to suffer serious mental health crises, such as that remembered occasion in which he appeared with a shaved head in 2007. His most recent bump is strongly related to the legal battle against his father to end his legal guardianship over this pop icon .

Now after all the fuss, Britney has grabbed everyone’s attention again with his latest publications on social networks, which have provoked the most varied reactions. In these publications she appears nude, covering her breasts with her hands and her crotch with a emoji. Here we show two tweets with two completely adverse reactions from two users:

This second tweet, from an English-speaking user, defends the singer from Mississippi by claiming that many users have forgotten that she was “in a prison designed by her father for 13 years” and now she is just trying to figure out how to enjoy Instagram by feeling like herself.

Finally, here we see Hilary Duff Tributeespecially remembered for her role as the protagonist in the successful series Lizzie McGuire. For Duff, the posts of Britney that have given so much to talk about are nothing more than a vindication of femininity, so she wanted to pay tribute to this pop legend in her photo session for Women’s Health.

In short, the varied reactions that have been seen these days as a result of the publications of Britney Spears in their networks can lead us to one conclusion or another, since after all these types of issues are always open to debate and the opinion of each one when dealing with public personalities, even more so from the world of entertainment.

However, if something should be underlined, it is that, for better or for worse, these situations are reminiscent of one of the phrases most associated with the artist: “It’s Britney, Bitch”. Years go by and the ups and downs in her personal life continue, but one of the queens of the golden age of pop will never leave the spotlight, and her name will be on everyone’s lips at every step she takes.

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