Nicolas Cage wanted to buy a cave to get naked in it and drink nigori with his wife

  • The actor has confessed on the Jimmy Kimmel show that he was about to buy it to be closer to the land.

  • He became obsessed with a cave near the area where his film was being shot.

  • Cage is famous for buying curios like a dinosaur skull or a grave.

seems to be a Hollywood star and having bizarre whims are two traits that go hand in hand. In the list of the most bizarre actors and actresses we find legends like Bill Murray and performers like Mark Wahlberg, who recently sold a luxurious mansion that contained a private golf course and a total of 20 bathrooms.

To this list we must add another actor who has already starred in more than curious moments on other occasions. We are talking about Nicolas Cage, who among his most varied whims are found from haunted mansions, to exotic animals as life partners.

His last wish? live in a cave, or a “Batcave”, as Diane Kruger called it, her partner in ‘The search’. This has been confirmed by the actor during the promotion of his new film, ‘The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent’, at the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

live in a cave

Although Cage has denied that he bought it, he was about to do so. The reason? The actor affirms that he was in a vital moment in which I wanted to experiment with all natural elements: water, fire and air.

To feel closer to the water, Cage learned to dive in the Great Barrier Reef; for air, considered hang gliding; and, for fire, he made the movie ‘Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider’. “For the earth, he assures that he thought: ‘I want to start some caving adventures. I want to start exploring caves.”

It was around this time that he found out that there was a cave for sale near where they were shooting the movie, in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Upon visiting her, he saw that she had “all these stalagmites… Like milky quartz, like crystalline walls”, he explained. Which completely captivated him.

that’s when wanted to “buy it, go down to the bottom of the cave, get naked with my wife and drink nigori [sake]at the bottom of the cave on earth”reported the interpreter.

crazy whims

Although in the end he did not take over the cave, the protagonist of ‘Ghost Rider’ has confessed on several occasions his surprising tastes. Why have a dog or cat as a pet when you can have one? a cobra or a crocodile? These are some of the animals that the actor has chosen to have at home.

Another of his “follies” was the acquisition of a dinosaur skull or pyramid-shaped tomb, unique pieces of history that are now part of his personal collection.

Cage also wanted to buy a haunted mansionand recounted that he spent a night in Dracula’s castle, among many other surprising experiences. His rarities are paid dearly and the star accumulates numerous debts who pays based on making a long list of films.

Another of his eccentricities took place in a Las Vegas venue, where was it put to drink shots of whiskey and tequila until he fell on a sofa, and then he was confronted by the bartenders who were trying to get him out of the bar thinking he was homeless. Because Nicolas Cage, in addition to being risky and surprising in front of the spotlights, it is also in his private life.

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