NASA. These are the shocking images that the Voyager probes have photographed since 1977

Human interest in space exploration has led him to use tools to learn more about the Udeep niversesuch is the case of the voyager probeswhich throughout history have taken impressive images of Jupiter, Saturn, and the farthest reaches of our Solar System, however, the POT is about to turn off the cameras of the incredible ships, so today we will remember some of the most impressive photographs.

Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 are two space vehicles that were launched from Earth in 1977 by the National Aeronautics Administration. Its main purpose was to explore Jupiter and Saturn. This allowed not only to capture the planets, but also to take in detail the clouds and storms of the largest star in the System and the distinctive rings of the sixth planet, as well as other learning.

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Despite the fact that the ships have already been transmitting information to Earth for 45 years, the “INSIDER” portal indicates that their energy is running out, given this, NASA scientists are turning off more and more rocket instruments to conserve its operation.

According to NASA, the ships would last until approximately 2025. However, the portal indicates that they were initially built for a useful life of five years, but it has been extended.

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So before the specialists conclude the mission, here we exhibit the shots of the planets made during these years:

On August 23, the probe captured Saturn’s colored rings from 1981. Photo: NASA via INSIDER

Voyager 2 took images through ultraviolet, violet, and green filters to make this picture.

Images taken in 1989, by voyage 2. Photo: NASA

A detailed image of Saturn’s moons. Photo: NASA Via INSIDER

Jupiter and two of its moons. NASA/JPL via INSIDER

Uranus seen by the probe. Photo: NASA

Solar system seen by the probe. POT

Voyager 1 captured Saturn on November 16, 1980, its rings covered by a shadow. Photo: NASA/ via INSIDER

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