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Tonight at 8:00 p.m. in the Teatrino de la Trapalanda, in the Film Cycle in the Teatrino and in the month of Gourmet Cinema, the film is shown Babette’s Partydirected by Gabriel Axel, starring Stepfane Audran, Jean Philipe Lafont and Bibi Andersson.

Babette’s Feast – Trailer subtitled in Spanish

Synopsis: Nineteenth century, in a remote village in Denmark, dominated by Puritanism, two elderly sisters, who have remained single, nostalgically remember their distant youth and the rigid upbringing that forced them to give up happiness. The arrival of Babette, who comes from Paris, fleeing the civil war, will change their lives. The foreigner will soon have the opportunity to reciprocate the kindness and warmth with which she was received. A lottery prize allows you to organize an opulent dinner with the best dishes and wines of French gastronomy. All the neighbors accept the invitation, but they agree in advance not to show signs of satisfaction that would be sinful. But little by little, in an intense and emotional ceremony, they give in to the pleasures of French cuisine.

in the favio

Today at 8:00 p.m. at the CC Leonardo Favio, in the cycle of Cinema for Diversity and in the month of Cinema and Environment, the film is screened Promised landby Gus Van Sant (USA, 2012).


Synopsis: Steve Butler (Matt Damon), an executive of a large company, arrives in a town with a co-worker (Frances McDormand) to buy the drilling rights from the landowners, almost all of them ranchers. In that town, devastated by the economic crisis of recent years, Steve will try to convince people of the benefits of drilling on his land, but he will also have the opportunity to reconsider what his life has been like up to that moment.

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