Miles Teller’s near-death experience in ‘Top Gun’ and Tom Cruise’s reaction

Miles Teller has recounted one of the experiences that took from the shooting of ‘Top Gun: Maverick’, and has not left anyone indifferent. According to the actor, during filming, one day he began to feel unwell.

“We landed, and I was like, ‘Man, I don’t feel good. I was very hot and started scratching like crazy. When I got off the plane I had rashes all over my body, from head to toe,” Teller told Seth Meyers in Late Night.

has told that after feeling so bad, she took an oatmeal bath and waited for the results of a blood test: “When I got the results I had fuel, fire retardant and pesticides in my blood“.

Despite the seriousness of the matter, he says that had his “Tom Cruise moment” after analysis, and his veteran filming partner tried to take iron from him: “I told him ‘Tom, it turns out I have gasoline in my blood,’ and without batting an eyelid he replied ‘I was born with it, boy‘”.

It was not Teller’s only scare during filming

The entertainment portal Bang also published some statements in which Miles claimed to have run a special risk in a high-flying scene: “Definitely, there was a moment when i thought i was going to die“.

“There was a sequence where we were plummeting and I had to do what’s known as a ‘Max G pull up.’ You go to the ground and at the last moment you go back up“.

He admitted that it was first time doing such a maneuverand that he thought “it was not going to end well”: “Having so much adrenaline mixed with fear, I was able to keep falling. I suppose that it’s a secret ability i have“.

In ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Tom Cruise returns to get into the skin of the famous pilot Pete Mitchell, a character that he already played more than 30 years ago. She does it accompanied, apart from Miles Teller, by Val Kilmerwhich also repeats roleJennifer Connelly either Jon Ham.

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