Meryl Streep wears make up no make up with a unique shine

In the fabulous movie The Devil Wears Fashion, Miranda Priestley wore an immaculate silver look; in Mamma Mia!, we saw her with fresher skin and long, disheveled locks; and who could forget the sculpted glamor of Madeline Ashton in Death Becomes Her? There is no doubt that meryl streep, Turning 73 today, she is a master of transformation on screen, both physically and emotionally. Y your own beauty stamp? has always favored a flawless complexion and alabaster, and has often chosen to use lighter peach tones to enhance her skin tone, while experimenting with darker colors around her eyes to give them definition.

Always with an admirable vision of the future when it comes to beauty and aging in the film industry, meryl streep has financially supported screenwriting production and inclusion for women over 40, the age at which many in Hollywood dismiss actresses as ‘older’. “I remember when I was 40 years old, I thought every movie would be my last,” she previously told WSJ magazine. “And all the evidence from other women in their 40s at the time – this was 27 years ago – would lead you to believe it’s over.”

On the occasion of her 72nd birthday, Vogue reviews Meryl’s best beauty looks over the years.


The actress meryl streep, receiving her first Oscar with a natural and impeccable look. Meryl, who has always worn blonde at her best, has taken it upon herself to render the style simple and effortless.

Meryl Streep.Photo: Getty Images


A portrait of the acclaimed actress when she was 29 years old with shimmering golden hair and barely-there flawless makeup.

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