Meryl Streep: The time the actress almost lost her first Oscar statuette

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Meryl Streep is one of the most outstanding American actresses, she even has a large number of Oscar nominations for her unparalleled and incredible career.

The movie star not only enjoys a lot of talent and success, but also beauty, because even despite the years, she still looks great and does not represent that she is already over 70 years old.

This June 22, the prominent Hollywood star is celebrating her 72nd birthday, so we will remember one of the funniest moments in the history of the famous.

Meryl Streep and the story of her first Oscar

Without a doubt, the actress can boast that she is the most nominated woman in the history of the Oscar Awards, since throughout her career she has 21 nominations and has become a living legend of cinema.

The Hollywood Academy has nominated her 17 times in the category of best actress and 4 in the category of best supporting actress, which is a difficult record to beat.

But the actress keeps a comical moment, which takes us back to the first time she received an Oscar, a very important moment, but deep down it has something funny.

Although it may seem almost impossible, the movie star almost lost her statuette, but fortunately there was a person who helped the actress not to lose it.

The incredible collection and record for the largest statuettes of the American star began with ‘The Sniper’, a 1978 film that earned him his first nomination the following year.

The funny story behind his first statuette

That day, which took place in 1980, where the now 72-year-old actress, for just a few moments, forgot her Oscar that she had obtained.

According to the version of the biographer of the actress, Michael Schulman, Meryl Streep had to go to the bathroom and put the newly obtained Oscar on the floor, when she left she heard someone exclaim that there was an abandoned statuette, and that’s when she realized her incredible oblivion.

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