leaked video of Johnny Depp’s ex-wife kissing another woman

After the six-week legal process that took place in a court in Fairfax, Virginia, near the capital of the United States, the jury awarded Johnny Depp more than 10 million dollars in damages, and 2 million for Amber Heard, who had filed a counterclaim.

During the trial, which was broadcast live, The former couple of actors exchanged complaints of domestic abuse and Heard was subjected to insults on the networks while the hearings lasted.

After all this fuss, Amber Heard is still in the spotlight and now even more so when they revealed images of the actress kissing a British model

After being sentenced to pay almost 10 million dollars for defamation to her ex-partner, they leaked a video in which Amber kissed Cara Delevingne, actress and model from the United Kingdom.

In this leaked video, the protagonist of Aquaman and the model are seen in the same elevator in which businessman Elon Musk and Amber starred in a similar episode, images that confirmed the romance between the CEO of Tesla and the ex-wife of Johnny Depp.

It should be remembered, that the billionaire stated that he did have a relationship with Amber Heard, but he stressed that she was outside of a love triangle and that it happened when she separated from Depp.

In this sense, with the video posted on the “Popcorned Planet” YouTube channel, there are many rumors that the actress was unfaithful to the protagonist of the Disney saga, Pirates of the Caribbean. However, there is still no statement from the actor or his defense against this new evidence, which could alter the judicial decision made by the jury of the state of Virginia.

Amber Heard says Johnny Depp’s exes were afraid to accuse him

In recent days, Amber Heard has generated different reactions about her ex-partner, Johnny Depp, after losing the defamation trial against the actor.

Now, the actress hinted that Johnny Depp’s other exes may have been too afraid to publicly accuse him of alleged abuse, insisting that just because she keeps speaking out doesn’t mean she’s “vindictive”.

Before the release of her NBC interview on “Dateline” with Savannah Guthrie, Heard, in a 20-minute preview, stated one reason why she is the only ex-partner of Depp’s who alleges he hit her.

“Look what happened to me when I showed up. Would you do it?”, said Amber Heard, 36.

Earlier in the teaser, Guthrie noted that Depp testified that he never hit Heard during their relationship and that “no women have previously come forward and said he physically hit them.”

Elsewhere in the video, the Aquaman actress explained her motivation for speaking out publicly, even after a jury ruled earlier this month that she had defamed her ex-husband with her abuse allegations.

“Are you here. Some people might ask why. You are brave? Are you reckless? Are you vindictive? Why did you want to do an interview? Guthrie asked Heard at the beginning of their exchange.

“One thing I can tell you is that I am not vindictive. There is no part of me that sees anything (…) This would be a really lousy way to get revenge.”

She added: “You know, Savannah, as silly as it is to say this out loud… my goal, the only thing I could hope for right now, is that I just want people to see me as a human being.”

The latest snippets of the interview are among a series of trailers that have been featured on the “Today” show throughout the week, including one in which Heard admitted that he “absolutely” still loves Depp.

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