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D.fter having relaunched the blond Marylin, the entrepreneur and influencer Kim Kardashian relaunches with the haircut to copy for the summer: a long and even bob without bangswhich mentions in the lengths that of an icon, Anna Wintour, the historic editor of Vogue America, with her in a selfie. Already nicknamed, in the blink of an eye, “Anna bob “.

Kim Kardashian, the new Anna Wintour style bob

A few weeks after the Met Gala, the influencer has in fact chosen a new hairlook: a long bob without fringe that mentions in the lengths the iconic hairstyle of Anna Wintour that appears in a selfie with her.

Kim Kardashian and Anna Wintour with the same haircut (Credits: Instagram @kimkardashian)

“Bobbsey Twins”, so reads the caption of the post in which Wintour and Kardashian share the same haircut, a play on words that takes inspiration from the book of the same name and also from the word “bob” or “bob”.

The “Anna bob” (without bangs): the cut of summer 2022

Crafted by her trusted hairstylist Chris Appleton, the cut features a medium length that skims the shoulders with central parting e shadow rootsthat is, the visible black regrowth.

The only detail that differentiates the two cuts is the lack of bangs, a choice that makes the long bob by Kim very suitable for summerbecause it is much fresher and easier to manage.

The fringe in fact requires constant attention, not only in terms of cut but also in styling, to always appear disciplined and cared for.

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With his new hairlook Kim Kardashian manages once again to hit the mark, and to decree what we are sure will be the most requested hairstyle in the coming weeks.


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