Kim Kardashian scolds her son Saint in an Instagram direct

    The relationship between Kim Kardashian and her four children is enviable. We can verify it in the publications that he shares on his social networks where we have seen them dressed alike and even the children take some of the photographs that he publishes. But as in any mother-son relationship, Kim also has to get serious and tell them off when behavior is inappropriate. Normally we do not see these situations on networks, but while the Kardashian did a direct on Instagram we have been able to witness how he scolded his son Saint.

    While they were in the back of a car, Kim decided to share with her followers a direct in which her two children appeared, 6-year-old Saint and 3-year-old Psalm. In the video you can see how the Kardashian encourages her children to say hello, but what was not expected is that Saint responded: “Hello, weirdos!”. At these words, Kim immediately turned to him as she told him, “Hey, stop!” But the thing did not stop there and with a mischievous smile Saint did his thing again saying: “If you’re watching this, I hate you!” to which his mother returned to answer him with a serious gesture: “Hey, Saint!”.

    The little son of the “celebrity” began to repeat what his brother had said, so he scolded Saint again: “Look what you’re teaching him.” “This is a good boy, this is a good boy,” was what the 6-year-old boy said to his mother, referring to Psalm.

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    Undoubtedly, it is about a daily situation that all mothers live and that without planning it Kim Kardashian has normalized with her followers. And it is that, we have no doubt that the businesswoman wants the best for her children and thus she demonstrates it by maintaining a good relationship with her ex and father of her children, Kanye West. She even recently admitted on The Jimmy Fallon Show that before she introduced her children to her current partner, Pete Davidson, sought advice from therapists to do the best he could. Thanks to this, her children have already begun to spend time alone with Pete, which represents an advance in their romantic relationship.

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