Kim Kardashian has lost more weight after the Met Gala

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    Kim Kardashian has spoken about her weight loss again before the Met Gala, this time, to share that she has continued to lose more, and that she has changed her lifestyle. The businesswoman and founder of Skims generated a lot of controversy by giving importance to losing a few kilos to put on a dress – in the midst of the era of diversity and ‘body positive’ – causing it to be questioned by many. The dress in question, as you know, is the one that Marilyn Monroe wore when she sang ‘Happy Birthday Mr. President’ to John F. Kennedy in 1962, and Kim lost almost 8 kilos – in a very short period of time, not at all healthy according to the experts. experts – to fit him.

    Now, more than a month after the Met Gala, Kim has said that she has continued with her diet and has lost more weight, and that she has decided to leave fried foods and sugar behind. She has confessed it on the Today program, arguing that she is not going to lose more and that the total amount of it is 9.5 kilos.

    “Since the Met Gala I continued to eat very healthy […]. I eliminated sugar and a lot of junk food that I was eating without realizing it, like a lot of fried foods. And I just completely changed my lifestyle.” Kim ‘defended’ herself against the criticism received by her argument claiming that she did it like someone preparing for a movie role: “I processed it as having to prepare for A role; I really wanted to wear that dress. It was very important to me.” At the time, she also added: “Christian Bale can do it for a movie and it’s acceptable. Even Renée Zellweger gained weight for a role. It’s all the same to me. My intention was not to say: ‘Hey everyone, why don’t you lose weight in a short period of time?

    Well, there it is, what do you think?

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