kicks off summer with a platinum blonde bob

Kim Kardashian has changed her look: she has remained faithful to the platinum blonde, but saying goodbye to the long hair. In view of the summer she has chosen a long bob.

Weeks after the Met Gala, we continue to talk about Kim Kardashian and his choices regarding the most fashionable evening of the year. The entrepreneur walked the red carpet of the event with a dress that belonged to Marilyn Monroe and to wear it she underwent a very restrictive diet. This allowed her to lose weight quickly so that she could better adapt it to her body. However, losing weight was not enough and the dress was visibly ruined. Criticisms continue to rain down on the influencer, both for the choice to undergo such a drastic diet and for the desire at all costs to wear a dress that was a piece of costume history, ending up ruining it. To look even more like the actress, Kardashian also changed her hair look before the fateful night, saying goodbye to her very dark hair. Now while keeping the iconic blonde, he has decided to change hairstyle againstill amazing everyone.

Kim Kardashian with the helmet

Just as fans of the entrepreneur were getting used to the new hair color, here’s a new change on their darling’s head. Months ago Kim Kardashian had transformed her hair from very dark to light blond, almost platinum: with this gesture (which required 14 hours of work!) She wanted to pay homage to Marilyn Monroe and look like her on the occasion of the Met Gala, not contenting herself with wearing only the dress. But now, perhaps in view of the summer or perhaps to celebrate important professional news on the way, she has still changed her image of her.

The entrepreneur has in fact launched Skkn by Kim, a line of skin care products characterized by high quality formulations and extremely minimal packaging inspired by stone. Just to announce the official launch of the sic products it is shown on social networks with the new one haircut. She turned to the hairdresser of the stars Chris Appleton, her trusted hair stylist for a long time. He cut her hair in a long bob with center line, a choice that never goes out of fashion and that in its many variations is always an evergreen, loved by celebrities. It looks a lot like her sister Kourtney’s hairstyle, but in a platinum version, still in perfect Marilyn style.

Kaia Gerber, the new look change is drastic: she now has platinum blonde hair

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