Khloé Kardashian calls Tristan Thompson paternity scandal “slap in the face” in The Kardashians

Khloé Kardashian sobbed over the paternity scandal of her then-boyfriend Tristan Thompson in The Kardashians’ season finale on Thursday.

The final episode focused on Khloé finding out that the basketball player had betrayed her once again – this time with Maralee Nichols, who gave birth to her son in December.

In a confessional, Khloé explained to viewers that learning about her latest infidelity in the press at the same time as the “rest of the world” made the situation worse.

“A courtesy would not be doing it. But that’s okay, if you do, won’t you even fucking go head-to-head before the rest of the world? It’s just another slap in the face. It’s humiliating, I’m embarrassed, ”she confessed, adding that she continues to“ relive ”every moment they lived between when he betrayed her in March 2021 and when the scandal was exposed in December.

“Everything is an act of betrayal, everything is a lie. It is manipulation, it is deception. Did Tristan have every chance to tell me? Yes. Would Tristan have told me if there hadn’t been a child involved? Absolutely no. And that shows a lot about the character of him. The whole thing is despicable, ”he said.

During the episode, Khloé’s sister Kim said that if Tristan wanted to redeem himself after his previous cheating scandals he would have to keep his “big dick in his pants”, to which Khloé replied, “You would think! Either you wear a condom, get a vasectomy, or you don’t fuck random people you meet in other states. It is not rocket science. “

Khloé makes it clear that she’s done with Tristan, the father of her four-year-old daughter True, as she is seen packing her bags at the end of the episode.

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