Katy Perry will compose the soundtrack and will star in her first animated musical: ‘Melody’ | Music

A couple of years ago Katy Perry introduced to the world his latest studio album, Smile. Since then, the soloist has been involved in different business projects in addition to her facet as her mother. But it seems that very soon we will have a musical comeback in style.

The Californian has confirmed her participation in her first animated musical that will be titled Melody. The interpreter has signed with the independent animation studio zag and with Cross Creek Pictures. Katy will be the protagonist of a film directed by Jeremy Zag, director and producer of the famous adventures of ladybug.

But in addition to standing in front of the camera, the singer will co-write and perform the songs of this musical that has in its production Cross Creek’s Tyler Thompson or Michael Gracey (The Greatest Showman). In the film, Melody will have to disrupt the evil plans of Rose Stellar, an envious, jealous and evil queen of pop who has sworn to destroy her. Melody will take audiences on an adventure of song, laughter and heroic quest that will take place in New York City.

“With Melody, the Seven Dwarves (Seven Dwarfs) as her musical notes, they will help guide her moral compass. Filled with magic, love and wonder, Melody is an uplifting and inspiring story of self-discovery that celebrates the importance of fulfilling the dreams of one by believing in oneself and, above all, that loving is stronger than being loved” can be read in the official synopsis of the film.

“I have dreamed of making Melody for years, with a vision to deliver empowering messages in a wonderful world full of music and adventure. As a pop star, Melody is adored by her fans, but as a young artist, she struggles with insecurity. In On this journey of self-discovery, she realizes that the key to fulfilling her life’s dreams is that she must learn to love herself first.Katy Perry’s journey to stardom is embodied in Melody and given her passion throughout her life. race to be an inspiration to her fans, she is the perfect collaborator for our animated film,” explained the film’s director in a press release.

There is no doubt that the songs that Katy Perry will present for this feature film as its soundtrack will end up being part of a record project that we will see how ambitious it is depending on its results at the box offices around the world.

At the moment there is no release date for the film but Katy Perry has already shown some images of her character Melody that will accompany her, predictably, throughout 2023.

It is not the first time that Katy Perry will lend her voice to the seventh art. The singer has already participated in many films, programs and television series, highlighting her role as the Smurfette in The Smurfs and The Smurfs 2.

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