Johnny Depp’s ‘scissorhands’ up for auction

The increase in popularity of Johnny Depp after the trial -won- against his ex-wife Amber Heard, knows no limits and caused a rise in the prices of the props that he has used in his films, which are auctioned and acquired by fans or collectors.

It’s about his famous scissor hands, the graft that Depp used in the 1990 hit “Scissorhands” and that It has just been sold at auction for the sum of $81,250, almost double the price that experts had projected.

In early May, the famous auction company that sells millions of dollars worth of movie collectibles, Propstore, announced a sale that would start on June 21. Among the items were the actor’s sharp fingers.

At that time, when Johnny and Amber were on trial, the item was projected to sell for $30,000 or $50,000.

However, as reported TMZDepp’s victory helped push up the price of last Tuesday’s sale, where they ultimately went for $81,250.

But this is not the only article, since the American media revealed that Johnny’s motorcycle in ‘Cry Baby’ will also be auctioned soon and the Starting offer is $250,000.

Other items that already have another owner are: the hammer from the movie “Thor”, ‘Mjölnir’, which was auctioned for $162,500 and ‘Wilson’ from “Cast Away”, which sold for a staggering $187,500.

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