Johnny Depp’s lawyer is still excited because she “brought life back” to the actor | Famous

Vasquez, who became famous in part for the way he hugged Depp during the trial, revealed how the actor reacted when he was told that the jury had ruled in his favor.

“We FaceTimed him; he was so relieved, so happy and grateful. It was nice to see him smile,” the Hispanic attorney said in an interview with Hola! USA, published this June 21.

Camille, 38, also asserted that, after winning the controversial trial, the protagonist of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ saga recovered “a part of him” that “he simply did not have before.”

“He was able to tell his story and he was infinitely grateful; he was moved, we all were. I still get a little emotional about it, bringing him back to life,” Vasquez said.

In the official statement that he published after the ruling of his defamation lawsuit against Heard was announced, Depp stated that, just as Vásquez indicates, “they gave him his life back.”

“And, six years later, the jury has given me my life back. I am truly honored. […] From the beginning, the goal of bringing this case was to expose the truth, no matter the outcome,” the actor said.

For Camille Vásquez it was “natural” to defend him

The lawyer also explained how she became part of the legal team that would defend the protagonist of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ in the defamation trial against Amber Heard.

“I have worked for Johnny for the last four and a half years. I have worked on all of his matters that the firm has handled,” the Hispanic attorney shared.

The now partner at the firm Brown Rudnick said that when they brought the case against Depp’s ex-wife, it was “a natural thing” for her to “take the leading role.”

“I was one of the few women on the team initially. And having an experience with Johnny and knowing his background, his history and knowing him, it made sense for me to be assigned to this case,” she added.

Camille Vasquez was not ready for fame

Although Camille Vásquez was ready to defend Johnny Depp in the so-called “trial of the decade”, she was not ready to become the center of attention worldwide.

“It’s been a surreal experience and, to be honest, a bit overwhelming and something I wasn’t prepared for. I was just doing my job,” she said in the aforementioned interview.

The attorney explained that she was aware that the legal process would be a big one, due to Johnny being the client and the nature of the case, but was surprised that the legal team received attention.

“Private [así era mi vida antes]. She was just a hard-working attorney and luckily she was surrounded by a fantastic legal team made up mostly of people under 40,” she explained.


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