Johnny Depp’s Edward Scissorhands Accessory Sells For Over $80,000

Tras her victory against her ex-husbandsto Amber Heard in his claim for defamation high-profile actions Johnny Depp They seem to have gone up.

Propstore, an auction house that specializes in movie props, recently sold the hand inserts that he used in the 1990 hit movie Edward Scissorhands for a whopping amount of $81,250, which was nearly double its projected price.

In May of this year, the auction house announced that it would release the item when Depp and Heard were locked in their legal battle.

The projected sale was supposed to be between 30,000 and 50,000 dollarsbut given Depp’s victory, they got nearly double that amount.

The next item from one of Depp’s movies to go up for auction could be the motorcycle he rode in the movie Cry Baby. The value of the motorcycle is currently estimated at $250,000 but, given what just happened, the actual gain could far exceed that expectation.

Some other famous movie items that were auctioned off are Thor’s hammer ($162,500) and Tom Hanks’ prop Wilson from Castaway, which sold for a staggering $187,500.

As the fanatics petition for Reinstate Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ reaches nearly 1 million signatures, fans are furious over the latest Disney antics. Although they quickly decided to distance themselves when Amber Heard’s accusations became public, they are taking a long time to apologize to the actor.

The American justice system ruled in favor of Johnny Depp during the trial against Amber Heard. She is supposed to pay him more than $10 million in damages, but the actress has been parading herself as a celebrity that she has no money to pay. Johnny has repeatedly stated that his intention to go to trial was Clear your name and get your reputation back.

What did Disney do against Johnny Depp?

Over the weekend, Disney has been showing a light show at disneyland paris from the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise. They show many of the characters’ faces and also show the face of Johnny Depp like the Jack Sparrow character. In the video shared on Twitter, people go crazy as soon as they see his face in the Disney castle.

The actor’s fans did not react well to this decision of Disneyland Paris, they want him to the company first apologizes for dragging his name through the mud. After that, they need to talk to Johnny about making a grand comeback with all the money that goes with it.

Will Disney be able to recover its relationship with Johnny Depp?

As one of the most beloved characters in Disney history, Johnny Depp perfectly played Captain Jack Sparrow for nearly two decades. The actor revealed that he felt betrayed by Disney when he was fired from the franchise after so many years of service. If Disney is trying to get him back, showing his face in their parks without his permission is definitely not the way to go.

We will definitely listen to Depp’s legal team approaching Disney for this, they have every right to complain and even ask for some kind of compensation. However, fans of Johnny Depp remain hopeful that both sides come to an agreement and we can have Captain Jack Sparrow back on the big screen.

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