Johnny Depp, Will Smith or Miley Cyrus: stars who conquer in front of the cameras and sweep the stage – Music

The first on the list, how could it be otherwise, is Johnny Depp. The actor has not only won the trial against Amber Heard, but has also shown that he has a powerful legion of followers behind him. So much so that, if a few days ago a profile was finally opened in TikTok, already accumulates more than 14 and a half million followers -and rising like foam-. Pulling from his most mythical phrase in fiction, and it is not for less, we have to say that we will all remember that day like the one that almost captured Captain Jack Sparrow.

Of course, Johnny falls in love in front of the cameras and also on stage. A few days ago, we already told you that he will publish the album ’18’ with Jeff Beck: he celebrates it by premiering ‘This is a song for Miss Hedy Lamarr’. He’s not the only one! Also Will Smith, Miley Cyrus or our representative of Spain in Hollywood, Penélope Cruz. At CHAIN ​​100, we tell you.

They fall in love in music and in the movies

The quintessential actress who conquered us, being very small, was Miley Cyrus. In fact, although her main facet is music, she and her character from Hannah Montana marked a before and after in her career. Without Hannah, Miley might not have been the star she is today. Or maybe yes, but the series opened many doors for her and we also remember her for her role in the movie ‘The last song’ (‘The Last Song’) that put in his way the love of his life a few years ago, Liam Hemsworth. In addition, she herself has put the soundtrack to those tapes that are already unforgettable for millions of fans.

Although without so much weight in the media sphere, which already starred in quite a few covers on the night of the Oscars, Will Smith is another star that shines on stage. His children, who follow in his footsteps, have also surprised us with their more cinematographic and musical facets. Will, who soundtracked ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’, we also remember that he recently sang some of our childhood songs: from the hand of Aladdin, the new version that Disney premiered in 2019. The actor has also released his own albums, so his facet in music is very serious. And he has talent!

Other names that are successful in film and have also done so in music have been Penelope Cruz (with ‘Volver’ or ‘Nine’), Justin Timberlake, who we already know very well for his global hits and some movies (like ‘The Social Network’), Zack Efronthat we will never forget his golden years with the songs of ‘High School Music’ and last but not least, the great Lady Gaga (‘A star is born’ or ‘The house of Gucci’). He who has talent, he has it for everything, right?

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