Johnny Depp surprises fans with a change of look.

After an intense legal battle against Amber Heard, Johnny Depp he was successful in the trial for defamation after the fairfax jury will rule in his favor, so his ex-wife will have to pay him the not inconsiderable amount of 10.3 million dollars, while he will have to pay 2 million dollars.

Meet the Mexican Johnny Depp and be amazed at the resemblance!

After several weeks of seeing him very elegant and wearing impeccable suits, the actor of โ€œPirates of the Caribbeanโ€ surprised locals and strangers with his impressive change of look, after he was captured with jeff beck in the blues fest of Helsinkiin Finland.

Johnny Depp He went on stage with bleached hair, wearing a quite relaxed look, wearing his distinctive glasses, but without a beard or mustache, which makes him look quite young at 59 years old.

The actor appeared with shoulder-length brown hair, but with loose and carefree hair, leaving behind the updo that he showed throughout the audiences, he even wore a beret, in addition to some rings and bracelets.

It seems that the ex-husband of Amber Heard He decided to leave what happened behind and give a radical change to his life and his image to celebrate that he won the trial; However, her new appearance was not to everyone’s liking, as she divided opinions, since while some celebrated the fact that her face was shaved, others disagreed.

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Will Johnny Depp go to trial again?

That’s right, the actor from โ€œCharlie and the Chocolate Factoryโ€ is preparing to go back to court and face a new lawsuit against him, but now for assault, after Gregg ‘Rocky’ Brooks accused him of having beaten him repeatedly during the filming of the movie “City of Livesโ€.

The actor will return to court on June 25, however, he will have the defense of Camille Vasquez, lawyer who brought up the lawsuit against his ex-wife.

Amber Heard is afraid to go to trial against Depp again

In his most recent statements to NBC, Amber Heard was adamant that Depp exercised violence against him; However, she assured that she is โ€œterrifiedโ€ that her ex-husband will sue her again.

โ€œOf course, and I will do it to the death. I know what happened to me. I am here as a survivor. Until my last day, I will stand by every word of my testimony.โ€

“I’m afraid that no matter what I do, no matter what I say or how I say it, every step I take will present another opportunity to silence, which I suppose is what a defamation lawsuit should do: It’s bound to take your voice”.

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