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Three weeks ago the mediatic trial that faced Johnny Depp against his ex-wife Amber Heard, where the actor won in court and for which he would receive financial compensation. And although he had not been seen publicly, the actor reappeared with a change of look.

It was during the Helsinki Blues Festivalin Finland, where Depp played with his partner and friend jeff beckwith whom he will release an album, although what caught his attention the most was seeing the actor from Pirates of the Caribbean with a different style.

Johnny Depp ‘closing cycles’ with a change of look

What did Johnny Depp do? The beard on the chin and mustache that characterized the 59-year-old actor disappeared. Also, his hair appeared visibly dyed light coppery brown, turning blonde, which is currently in trend, making it look more youthful.

He also went on stage with his characteristic sunglasses and a beret, a style that he has adopted in recent years and for which millions of fans around the world recognize him.

However, the change of look which was performed by the actor Charlie and the Chocolate Factory He divided opinions on social networks.

There are those who think that Depp’s new appearance suits him very well and makes him look younger, although there are also people who consider that he lost “his personal brand” -the mustache and the chin- because it was part of his personality.

Johnny Depp’s career as a musician

In recent weeks, mainly since the resolution of the trial was known, Johnny Depp has been in various presentations with Beck playing the guitar and even singing a couple of songs.

At the beginning of June, the Jeff Beck guitarist announced during one of his UK tour concerts that would release a new music album with the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean,

However, this it’s not the first time who collaborated with the 77-year-old musician, since in 2020 they recorded a cover from a John Lennon song.

But Depp’s rock spirit started even before he turned to acting as in his adolescence he joined the bands Flame and The Kids. Beside Alice Cooper and Joe Perry formed hollywood vampires.

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