Johnny Depp faces a new trial with his lawyer, Camille Vasquez | u-channel

The actor was sued by Gregg ‘Rocky’ Brooks, with whom he worked in 2018.


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After having won the lawsuit against Amber Heard, Johnny Depp and his lawyer, Camille Vazquez will work together again in a new legal process.

And it is that The actor was sued by Gregg ‘Rocky’ Brooks, with whom he worked in 2018 on the movie ‘Cuty of Lies’, for which he once again chose his legal representative to help him.

It was the ‘New York Post’ who released the news, and they also reported that the jury could be in favor of the actor, since it is presumed that he has the necessary evidence to prove his innocence.

For his part, the protagonist of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ is being accused of having arrived at the recordings, on several occasions, in poor condition, and that he also did not have a good attitude with the team.

Also, according to Brooks, Depp hit him hard, twice in the ribs, a fact for which the famous also offered him $ 100 million and the opportunity to hit him back so that he would not talk about it again. However, he did not accept and fired him from the feature film.

The trial will take place on June 25, where Johnny Depp and Amber Heard will be together again. And although both have been romantically related, the same litigant denied that said relationship existed.

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