Johnny Depp and the message behind his change of look

Johnny Depp He already announced it in his last writing on social networks in which he thanked his fans for the support received and assured that it was time to move forward, something that he has fulfilled to the letter, and that is that the protagonist of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ He has decided to look forward after the media trial for defamation that has confronted him with his ex-wifeAmber Heard, and for which he will receive a millionaire compensation for damages.

To start this new stage of her life, she has decided to start with a change of look and he has shaved his characteristic beard, showing off a renewed and much more youthful image, as could be seen in one of his last appearances in a concert with Jeff Beck at the Helsinki Blues Festival, in Finland.


Changes of look are often linked to important moments, changes, moods or new beginnings, and it is precisely this last message that could be behind the new look of Johnny Depp, the beginning of a new stage.

The protagonist of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ wants to leave behind one of the most difficult times of his lifeas he said in the statement he issued after the verdict of the trial against his ex, to start over: “Six years ago my life, that of my children, that of the people around me and even that of those who They have supported my career, it changed forever… Six years later, the jury brought me back to life, and I am truly grateful.“, it stood out then.

Depp, As a source reveals to ‘People’ magazine, “he is relieved by the jury’s verdict”but “does not gloat” and has a clear goalafter overcoming this delicate stage, “he just wants get his career back“.


After the last day of the trial, Johnny Depp began a concert tour with Jeff Beck in the United Kingdomand it is that both they have released an album together entitled ’18’and which is made up of 13 songs that include versions, John Lenon, The Beach Boys, The Velvet Underground and Killing Joke, among others, in addition to two original songs composed by the actor.

Also, aside from his projects in the world of musicone of his great passions, it seems that Hollywood has realized its mistake and now returns to position itself next to the multifaceted actor and even It is considered that Depp can once again get into the skin of one of his most iconic characters, Captain Jack Sparrow in the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ saga, although there is still no official confirmation.

Secondly, Soon to premiere the docuseries ‘Boston George’about the story of drug trafficker George Jacob Jung, which will come to the screen on july 22also there is talk of the intention of Robert Downey Jr, to have the famous actor for the new installment of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes Y could participate in a new Tim Burton project, among other rolesalthough for now there is none fully confirmed.

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