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Blue-cream fans probably won’t like this, but we have to tell them that the one who is nowhere near being one of their star reinforcements has been a fan of the ultimate rival since childhood. In the absence of details, Néstor Araujo will be a player for América, but he is a follower of Chivas and it was he himself who confessed it a few years ago.

Born in Guadalajara in 1991, nicknamed Bebote grew up closely following the Eagles’ archrival. His father, Don Félix Araujo, shared in an interview prior to the 2018 World Cup in Russia what is the most memorable moment for his son professing love for the Sacred Flock.

“He did not ask me to give him for his lunches at school, what he asked me was to take him to soccer. The game he remembers the most must be when he was 13 years old, I brought him to watch the Chivas match against Boca Juniors and he never forgot the goals, especially the one from Bofo Bautista, he always reminded me of it,” the father told the network at the time Fox Sports.

“Since I was very young I was from Chivas because of my dadhe always asked me to whom it was going and I always said that it was Chivas”, said Nestor Araujo in the same interview, to which his father added: “If he comes to Chivas, the whole family is from Chivas. I’m happy to see him wear the Chivas shirt.”

Listen to Néstor Araujo confessing his love for Chivas at 06:20

​Carlos Salcedo, the Chiva who was a fan of América

This story is not new to rivalry most popular in Liga MX; in fact, between the 90s and 2000s it was very common to see soccer players who passed from America to Guadalajara and vice versa, such as Oswaldo Sánchez, Ramón Ramírez and Ricardo Peláez, to name just a few.

In the recent past there is the case of another central defender who in his childhood sympathized with the colors of the hated sports rival. In 2015, Carlos Salcedo arrived in Chivas as a fan of Americawhom some old posts on Twitter gave away celebrating the azulcremas goals against the rojiblancos.

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