“I’m flattered to be compared to George Clooney”

Caner Cindoruk He has been on stage since he was little, although he admits that he is still excited about any role he has to play. In Spain we knew him as Sarp, Bahar’s missing husband in ‘Mujer’, which was the first Turkish series that Antena 3 broadcast in prime time. Now, he has returned to our screens as Volkan, in Unfaithful.

How did the Unfaithful series come to you?

I had already worked with the production company Med Yapım in Mujer, where we had a good harmony. They have a very good team and they work meticulously on their projects, which are usually very successful. Also, I really liked the story of Unfaithful.

How was your experience in the series?

It’s an exciting story of cheating and infidelity that focuses, like Woman, on a strong female character. My role, Volkan, is a bit unpleasant because he cheats on his wife, ruins his own life and the lives of those around him. This project is very popular in my country and the audiences are excellent.


With Woman you have already had success all over the world. Did you expect it?

I thought it would be successful, but I didn’t expect it to receive worldwide recognition. We continue to enjoy this success as a team.

What encouraged you to be part of that project?

I saw a very strong female character in the story. The mysterious death of her husband forces her and her two children to go through difficult times, but despite her illness, she tries to be positive and keeps fighting. This is the aspect that moved me the most. And the most important thing that encouraged me to be part of this project was that Özge Özpirinçci, who had already been my partner and was a very dear friend of mine, was chosen for the character of Bahar.

Do you like female stories?

Yes, I think we need stronger female characters, especially in today’s male-dominated world.

What is the most important character you have played in your career?

They all have a special place in my heart. I really enjoyed playing Sarp, in Woman, and now Volkan in Unfaithful, but Kemal, the one I did in Hanım’ın Çiftliği, has a unique place in my life, because the series was filmed in Adana, which is the city where I was born. and i grew up I was also excited to play a character in a novel by Orhan Kemal, who is a great author. My father won the Orhan Kemal Story Award twice and my grandfather worked with him in a factory in Adana. Being able to play that role was an inescapable opportunity.

In both Woman and Unfaithful you work with children, but you are not a father yet. Would you like it?

I love children and I want to be a father. Fatherhood would be a new experience for me.

How would you define yourself?

I am passionate, adventurous and enthusiastic, and very devoted to my family. Mine has always been a very mother-oriented family: she has to take care of four men, that is, my father and us, who are three brothers. We are very devoted to each other.


Do you receive messages from Spain?

A lots of. The fact that our project is admired and followed in such a significant European country is very flattering. Spain is one of the countries that I am most curious about and, in fact, it is at the top of my list. I don’t speak Spanish, although I’m working on it, and I haven’t been to Spain yet, although I really want to visit it but I haven’t had the chance yet. I want to go when the pandemic is over.

You come from a family of actors and your father is a writer. Do you think your career was formed from childhood? What do you remember from your childhood?

We live in economic difficulties, but my childhood was full of hope and joy. In my family we were always linked to art. My uncle, Erdal Cindoruk, was an actor and he introduced me to theater when he was very young. Over time, acting became a love for me, and today this passion continues in me.

You have also written a book. How was that experience? Do you want to write more?

I have been a dreamer since I was a child. Stories float in my mind all the time. I run away from everything and find myself in a world that only belongs to me. Writing a story is like a link, a path between this secret world and the reality of life. i really love to write

But in addition, you also direct. What do you prefer: acting or directing?

I directed some plays, but the truth is that my profession is to be an actor. I love this career and I know that my passion for it will never fade. Never.

What interests you more: cinema, theater or television?

Although the techniques may change, the essence is the same in acting. I have the same level of interest in all three and I love them all, but I can say that there is nothing like the adrenaline rush that you feel in front of a live audience.

Would you like to work abroad? Where?

I don’t know where, but I would love to. I am improving my language skills so that it can be produced.


Do you think you look like George Clooney, as people say?

Well, it’s not the first time people say I look like someone else. In my country, I am told that I look like Kadir İnanır and Fikret Hakan, and others that I am like the great Omar Sharif in a movie. When Woman started airing, people started saying I looked like George Clooney, which of course is very flattering.

What importance do you think beauty and physique have? Do you think it has helped you in your career?

Although it is not very important to me, I do think it has helped me in my career.

What character would you like to play?

I still feel like playing any role.

What are your hobbies?

I like to write, play the guitar, relax and be alone. I have been sharing my life with two cats, Hera and Eros, for 7 years.

What are your goals for the future?

We want to shoot a film that my father and I wrote together; We are excited and waiting for the right moment. It will take place in Adana, the city where I was born and raised.

Volkan’s double life in ‘unfaithful’


In Unfaithful, a series with which he is now successful, Caner is the ambitious architect Volkan Arslan. At first we meet him as a wonderful husband and father, a self-confident man, admired and respected by all. However, what very few people know is that Volkan leads a double life. The exemplary man is seen behind his family’s back with Derin, his mistress. What he didn’t expect was that his wife, Asya, would come to the truth and confront him to give him one last chance.

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