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In Conzano Piazza Australia will host the theater-song show this Sunday, June 26, at 6 pm “A little peace please”, event – entrance will be – which will see the authors Sergio Salvi and Silvana Mossano as protagonists. Salvi has also reworked the songs and music of famous authors and will lend his voice and performance to the keyboards while Silvana Mossano will be the narrator, will propose songs and present unpublished monologues. “A little peace please” is organized by the Municipal Administration of the Mayor Emanuele Demaria in collaboration with the Pro Loco of San Maurizio.

The authors say: in January, we started working on it, reflecting on two themes: 1) life is not a solo expedition, but is punctuated by a constant crossing with different traveling companions: and each of them leaves a mark on our existence; 2) war always concerns us, even if it is not immediately around the corner, but is stirring in lands that seem distant to us; and the longing for peace can never be appeased. The fact is that, while we were thinking, another one was added to the wars already in progress, around a corner close to us, very close to us.

Putting together thoughts, words and music, it was born “A little peace, please”.

Between a departing train and a returning train there are many stations: sometimes you let them pass by reading in passing, on a blue sign, the name of a place that runs away, sometimes you go down to platform “X” and a stage, to then leave again.

AND’ the metaphor of lifetowards a destination that is not the one that existed was set when the first ticket was stamped.

«Gentlemen in carriage»: the conductor whistles and the journey begins, with a bag full of dreams, convictions and ideals which, gradually, are amplified or faded, corrected or filed, modified or even distorted.

In all this becoming, different travel companions meet: bizarre, deep, lovable, unpleasant or nicely bizarre, positive or negative, they stay side by side for a short time or for many stages, but all leave a mark and, to some extent, influence on the way. In any case, “if they are not lilies, they are still children, victims of this world” sings De André.

Sometimes the journey undergoes jolts, even catastrophic, which shake the bodies, the feelings, make a scorched earth, desertify the spaces, torturing them and making them bloody. Joy gives way to pain, tenderness to brutality, sweetness to vulgarity, life to death. And, sometimes, it is difficult, from under the rubble, to scratch out even a single crumb of hope.

Finally, at the moment of the balance sheets it is measured the intensity of the journey: the intensity with which we lived, the yearnings for peace that were cultivated and the consistency we tried not to give up. An hour, or a little more, of music and words, narrating stories, evoking sensations, reviewing beliefs that have been refined between the passage of time and the experiences lived.

Songs and monologues alternate.

I’m 11 songs proposed; interpreted by Mercedes Sosa, Andrea Bocelli and Ariana Grande (but, here, with a very personal unpublished text), Roberto Vecchioni, Fabrizio De André, Milva, I Nomadi / Francesco Guccini, Pier Angelo Bertoli, Franco Battiato / Gianni Morandi, Charles Aznavour, Renato Zero, Sirio Politi. The musical pieces have been reinterpreted and are re-proposed in a personal version by Sergio Salvi.

The 8 monologues – dedicated to more or less true but very plausible stories, to reflections on war, peace, on the balance of life – they were designed by Silvana Mossano.

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