Ibiza Pride LGTBIQ+ Rights March

This year’s motto of the March for LGTBIQ+ Rights left no room for doubt: “Proud of our identity. Facing Hate: Visibility, Pride, and Resilience.

Those who this Saturday participated in one of the most anticipated acts of Ibiza Pride demonstrated their desire to proclaim their message, filling the streets with music and color, in a parade that toured areas such as Santa Eulària Avenue or Es Martell, where it was read claim manifesto.

Before that, the attendees were able to see the video starring the athlete Marc Tur, who has openly recognized his homosexuality and supports the cause whenever he can.

The organizer of Ibiza Pride, Antonio Balibrea, proclaimed that the collective “appears more united than ever” and “more united also means stronger”.

Another of the participants, Eduardo Navarrete, stated that Ibiza “is a paradise to be experienced in which we all feel safe, whatever our ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender or identity.” For this reason, he encouraged everyone to continue working to be a “solidarity, more feminist or safe” society every day.

As he said, in the last year the different groups have worked with the entire population so that diversity and difference are known “naturally”.

“There are as many identities and sexualities as there are people in the world. For this reason, we explain that there are people who encounter double and triple barriers,” Navarrete said.

He also defended “the right to live without being killed just for being who you are”, assuring that the main reason for the arrival of many migrants is the persecution to which they are subjected in their places of origin for being lesbian, trans or gay. .

“Sexual orientation and gender identity continue to be the object of legal persecution in many countries,” Navarrete denounced, noting that homosexuality is persecuted in 78 countries and is still punishable by the death penalty in different parts of the world.

Another of the people who read the manifesto, the drag Nadal Garibaldi, claimed the freedom to demonstrate that a plural society is better than a “uniformed and alibied” society. She even asked the institutions for a protocol to avoid situations in Ibiza such as those that could be taking place in nursing homes, in which LGTBI people try to hide their condition to avoid problems.

“We don’t want to hide when we are older,” he said.

Garibaldi recalled the figure of Brasilio de Oliveira, promoter of well-known parties in Ibiza and “great ambassador of our island” and who “left a legacy among all of us that we must respect and commemorate.”

From Alas Baleares, Sofía Vergara pointed out in the manifesto that one more step has been taken in the Pitiusas to prevent the spread of HIV, with a new consultation at the Can Misses Hospital aimed at people at risk of contracting the disease.

Still under a blazing sun, the most striking parade of the year in Ibiza managed to arouse the interest of the dozens of tourists and residents who strolled through the port on Saturday afternoon trying to calm the heat of the day.

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