Hugh Jackman’s most intense movie is on Prime Video and its story will blow your mind: TRAILER

If you are one of the people who enjoys films assigned to the science fiction genre and at the same time suspense productions, without a doubt this American film housed in the catalog of Amazon Prime Video could meet your expectations.

This is “Reminiscence”, a movie that has attracted attention because it is starring the actor Hugh Jackman, remembered for his role as Wolverines within the series films “X-Men”, in addition to having shown his versatility in other types of tapes by acting and singing in the musical “The Greatest Showman”.

Now this famous British Australian actor is at the helm of this movie which runs for 116 minuteswhich has brought millions of looks due to its peculiar history.

The film also stars rebecca fergusonThandiwe Newton, Cliff Curtis, Marina de Tavira and Daniel Wu, in the direction is a woman and it is the filmmaker, screenwriter and producer LisaJoy.

This movie was released by Warner Bros Pictures in August 2021 and a month later it reached streaming platforms as a video plan.

Hugh Jackman stars in this film. Photo: Special

What is the movie about

This film takes place in the future presumably nearwhere Nicolas Bannister (played by Hugh Jackman) has a business that consists of his clients being able to relive any memory that wishand in this way to be able to return them to a moment that otherwise they will not be able to revive.

His life changes when he meets Mae (played by Rebecca Ferguson), a woman who only goes to see the main character in order to remember where she left her keys.

However, this meeting soon turns into a passionate romance, but all switch to when one day Mae disappears for no reason and Nick is devastated, so he will do everything possible to find her, which will involve going back to the past to discover the truth about the woman he has lost. loved.



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