‘His bed was soaked in urine’: the horrific abuse of dementia patients in British hospitals

  • By Datshiane Navanayagam and Emma Forde
  • BBC File on 4


Violet developed a nasty rash due to her poor incontinence care.

When Heather Lawrence went to visit her mother in hospital she was shocked by the state in which she found Violet, 90 years old.

“The bed was soaked in urine. The continence pad between her legs was also soaked in urine, the door wide open, without underwear. Plus I was in a mixed room for men and women,” Heather told BBC News:

“I mean there were other people there who might have been walking around and seeing her from the open door as well. My mother, she was a very proud woman, I wouldn’t have wanted them to see her like that at all,” he says.

Violet, who suffered from dementia, was taken to Tameside General Hospital, in the city of Manchester, in May 2021, after suffering a fall.

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