Heavy Manners or the bikini firm that Kendall Jenner and Dua Lipa share this summer

Photo credit: Getty Images

Photo credit: Getty Images

In 2019 Lisa Caprio founded the firm Heavy Manners with no previous experience in the fashion sector or experience in the industry. In a year in which you would never expect a pandemic to hit the world and in a global context in which restrictions prevented many travelers from vacationing, Lisa Caprio continued her work and shaped a company in which each piece is a dream from his childhood, a memory of the past that is transferred in garments that follow the most youthful trends of yesterday, but also today.

What Lisa Caprio may never have imagined was reaching conquer in just three years the wardrobes of public figures such as Kendall Jenner or Dua Lipatwo of the most famous fashion figures of the moment who always turn everything they wear viral.

Heavy Manners has in its catalog garments to wear between the day, but its swimsuits are the ones that take on greater prominence and those that are imposed as the firm’s absolute identity. So much so that their bikinis have managed to fit into the outfits of these two great personalities, but they have done so in very different ways.

The first of them, Kendall Jenner (who we recently saw in another blue bikini), showed us yesterday one of the swimsuit choices that most promise to sweep this year’s beach trends. If last year we could already see the model with one of the most romantic designs of the fashion brand, this year she opted for the firm’s flattering Boots model, a triangle top design with tie front on the neckline and Brazilian high-waisted panties that combine multi-colored vertical stripes. She did it to enjoy a few days of vacation in a pool with her friend Fai Khadra, who recently became the image of Zara.

The British singer, meanwhile, earlier this year also opted for a Heavy Manners design. Dua Lipa’s choice was ‘Miami December’, a more colorful design than Kendall’s with a pink background and printed multicolored flowers formed by an upper part also triangular with a bow at the neckline and matching high-waisted panties.

Now that summer has begun, bikini proposals are invading stores and the Heavy Manners catalog has all the trends that reign in the season: from prints such as stripes or flowers, to silhouettes such as high-waisted panties or bra-style or triangle designs.

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