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James Haven he is the eldest son of the actor Jon Voight and actress and model (now deceased) Marcheline Bertrand. He has a well-known sister, Angelina Jolie. And in the late ’90s and early 2000s she had as high a profile as her sister, whom she used to tag along on her red carpet appearances and during award shows.

graduated from school Beverly Hills High School and attended the USC School of Film-Television, where he won a George Lucas Award for directing a student film. He dedicated himself to acting, participating in the movies Monster’s Ball and Breaking Dawn. He also directed three titles: Ocean Park, Stay Alive, and The Game.

In the Oscar gala of the year 2000James became world famous for publicly displaying the close relationship between the two. First it was a Kiss in the lips when it became known that Jolie had won the statuette for Girl, Interrupted and, later, the actress’s speech on stage, where she indicated that she was “in love” with her brother.

The controversial kiss between brothers, who repeated several times. Photo: website

Many like shocked this kind of behavior between relatives, but for them it was something very normal -in fact, it is rumored that that same day his mother began cancer treatment and they had spent the day in the hospital before going to the gala, so their feelings were raw.

The childhood of Angelina Jolie and her brother James

James and Angelina grew up with an absent father, the well-known actor John Voight. As Haven once commented, “I have no recollection of my mother yelling at me or my sister, but I do I have horrible memories of my father“, although, over the years, they were able to recognize each other and resume the relationship.

Already as adults, has been present at key moments in Jolie’s lifelike her wedding to Brad Pitt, in which the two they brought jewelry from their mother as a tribute: in 2007 Marcheline died of ovarian cancer.

Since then, Haven was actively involved in the lives of her sister and her six nephews.. In fact, it appears in many images that the paparazzi make the actressaccompanying her on trips or taking care of children in a park.

Like her sister, He is a great defender of human rights. Y directs the art festival, Artivistfocused on this topic.

Today, the brother of Angelina Jolie is turned into a very low key character who left acting and devoted himself for several years to raising her six nephews and coordinating the team of nannies of the whole litter Jolie-Pitt.

In the early days after Brad’s split, James had a fundamental role in the care of his nephews Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox. In fact, it was he who accompanied them to Cambodia, where Angelina directed First They Killed My Fatherin which Maddox has a leading role.

But it seems, time after that, he was overwhelmed by the situation. Strictly speaking, sources close to the family suggested that Jolie ‘quietly fired’ James from his nanny role (or head of the six nannies, one for each child), realizing that the work was very hard and heavy for him.

It was not an easy decision for the actress. “Things haven’t been easy with Brad and Angelina’s divorce. James has done more than his share helping the family right now“, a source close to the star told the magazine thank you. “He loved spending so much time with his nephews and nieces, but it was hard work and I was absolutely devastated,” added the insider.

One of the last known photos of James, for the premiere of Maleficent in 2014. Photo: IG

“It was her job to be there if any of the kids woke up during the night and to deal with the nannies if they had any problems. I was practically running the house and it became very exhausting“, hill.

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