From Greeicy to Elon Musk: the weirdest celebrity baby names

The singer Greeicy Rendón became a mother for the first time on April 21.  Since then, she had been away from the networks and her musical projects.

The singer Greeicy Rendón became a mother for the first time on April 21. Since then, she had been away from the networks and her musical projects.

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This 2022 has been the year of births and the arrival of new members to the families of some national and international celebrities, an aspect that has been impacted by the recent trend for unusual names and even ‘unisex’.

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Although it is true, for several years the personalities of world entertainment have decided to bet on innovative names, inside and outside their country, and many of them resonate in different places due to their particularities.

For this reason, we wanted to compile the list of the strangest names that celebrities have given their children, so that you can finally decide which is the least usual and think about the next name for your child.

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The most recent births in the world of entertainment

In Colombia, there are several famous personalities who have had children during this 2022 and who have chosen unusual names from the region in which they live.

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From Evaluna Montaner and Camilo Echeverry, through Greeicy and Mike Bahía, to Luisa Fernanda W and Pipe Bueno, new names have been invented that make them stand out from the more traditional ones.

Personalities like Greeicy and Mike Bahía, decided on unusual names, because with the arrival of their first child, the options, Arena (if it was a girl) or Kai (if it was a boy), are not among the most traditional in the country. Revealing the baby’s male gender, the couple named their son “Kai.”

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Indigo, the son of Evaluna Montaner and Camilo Echeverry, is another of the most mentioned baby names in recent months. The couple also opted for a name that was ‘unisex’.

And recently, the name of the second child of the Colombian couple made up of Luisa Fernanda W and Pipe Bueno was known, who have already announced the sex of the little baby that is about to be born, and who will have the privilege of receiving a name ‘ unisex’, as the couple affirmed through social networks.

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“Domenic”, this will be the name of the couple’s second child. As confirmed by Luisa Fernanda W, a few hours ago through her social networks.

The strangest names of international celebrities

We go from the national show business to the international one, because in this list are the rarest names that celebrities have given their children. A list of ideas that may or may not help you choose among the best options.

X Æ A-12:

That was how Elon Musk and Grimes named their son. This little boy born in 2020 has a rather strange name that was inspired by mathematical equations, the elvish language, and other concepts.


The fourth son of the renowned couple of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West born in 2019, has another peculiar name that is added to the family list. His translation means ‘Psalm’ and he was chosen by his father, Kanye.

Culture Kiari:

The little girl born in 2018, is the result of the relationship between Cardi B and Offset and is part of the less usual names of international fame.

Bear Grey:

Its literal translation is “Grey Bear”, a rather peculiar choice made by the couple made up of former One Direction, Liam Payne and Cheryl Cole for their son who was born in 2017.


For his part, the vocalist of the renowned band Coldplay, Chris Martin and actress Gwyneth Paltrow, chose a very tender option, “Manzana” for its translation into Spanish.

These are some of the most recognized and mentioned names of the children of celebrities, Do you know any other weird names?

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