Fortnite: More Naruto skins in Fortnite, how to get the Nindo challenge prizes?

Aoh, how long ago those days seem when the appearance of Naruto within Fortnite it seemed like a crazy idea or a simple fan theory. How long ago the days seem when Naruto and his friends finally arrived at the store and how naive we were to think that Epic Games would not squeeze more of that franchise: now they offer us a new possibility with some free cosmetics. You just have to complete some missions.

How to get free Naruto cosmetics in Fortnite?

Unlike other events, this one will give away pretty cool stuff just for playing. And it was necessary for an event to be like that! Nor do you have to be the best in an international tournament. We simply have to exceed our own expectations.

First of all, you must enter the site and register (registration will be done with your Epic Games account, so you have to remember your email and password with which you registered). Once you have signed up, you can start completing the missions of Nindo, where you can complete the four paths. In every way you will have to win certain number of plateswhich will offer you different rewards, and these plates You can get them in any Fortnite game mode.

Itachi’s way:

  • Every 5 times you finish in the Top 6, you will get 1 plaque.

Gaara’s way:

  • For every 24 storm circles you have survived, you will get 1 badge.

Hinata’s way:

  • For every 20 fish you catch, you will get 1 plate.

Orochimaru’s way:

  • For every 18 eliminations, you will get 1 badge.

Accumulate the plates to get the following rewards:

Itachi’s Way:

  • 1 badge = “Itachi surprised” emoticon
  • 5 badges = XP reward

Gaara’s Path:

  • 1 badge = “Gaara concentrated” emoticon
  • 5 badges = XP reward

Hinata’s Path:

  • 1 badge = “Hinata’s Byakugan” emoticon
  • 5 badges = XP reward

Orochimaru’s Path:

  • 1 plate = “Orochimaru’s Smile” emote
  • 5 badges = XP reward

If you complete one of the paths = you will receive the Akatsuki Paper

If you complete all paths = you will receive the Manda Glider

Until when can I get The Nindo rewards in Fortnite?

The countdown has started. As you can check on the same page where you can make your registrationyou have 16 days left (as of the date of publication of this note) to complete this challenge. what it gives us just over two weeks to win all the plates. Is that enough for you? Or at least fair? Or is it just as difficult as competing in a tournament for a skin?

When will the Itachi, Gaara, Hinata and Orochimaru skins arrive at Fortnite?

Surely during the challenge Nindo These skins will be released in the Fortnite store, but they will not be free. Y It is very likely that they will arrive in a bundleso hopefully you saved some V-Bucks after buying the Battle Pass. How have you been in the first two weeks of this new season?

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