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Thieves are caught in the most unexpected way after violent robbery

On June 19, José N. was buying juices at a street stall, when two thieves approached him to steal his motorcycle. He resisted so the criminals opened fire on him. The crime occurred in the Quevedo canton, in the province of Los Ríos, Ecuador, around 8:18 p.m. and was recorded thanks to a security camera. In the images you can see the moment when two men, one with a black shirt and the other with a white one, arrived walking at the store, then one of them took out a firearm to threaten José. The video shows that after a brief discussion, the criminal shot José for the first time, who handed over the keys to his motorcycle and then ran to take cover together with the other people who were in the premises, as the criminal continued to shoot. Once with the keys in his possession, the accomplice started the vehicle, waited for his partner to board and start, however, at that precise moment a patrol arrived at the site and one of the uniformed men shot down the white shirt . Both criminals fell to the ground and the officers quickly ran towards the driver to stop him. Wilson Torres, police chief in Quevedo, told the local media outlet La Hora that when the uniformed men arrived at the site, the armed man fired at them, so they reacted in the same way. Derived from the shooting, the criminal who was identified as Jean N, 18, lost his life; while his accomplice René N, 19, was only injured and was arrested. Torres also reported that José N. was taken to a hospital but later died as he was seriously shot three times. The aforementioned media mentions that the motorcycle that was intended to be stolen was a precious inheritance that the victim’s brother, who was murdered in September of last year, had left him.

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