Everybody loves (now) Anne Hathaway

You have to go back to 2013 to find the darkest stage of Anne Hathaway’s career, one in which the haters of the actress multiplied –the journalist Juan Sanguino baptized them as hatha haters in a recent article for Vanity Fair– . The star suffered almost global rejection when she won her Oscar for the role of Fantine, the character she played in The Miserables. He had previously won the Golden Globe and it was there that he began the movement that sought to highlight daily how irritating each of his appearances was. The actress was perfect and some did not seem to like that. But all this has been left behind.

What in the past seemed to bother without much reason – the smiles, the impeccable outfits and the always straight back of the actress – now works in her favor. Anne Hathaway is still the same as always, she has not changed one iota, but now she does not seem to bother. The actress has had a real mass bath at the Cannes Film Festival, stepping first on the red carpet of Armageddon Time dressed in a tailored suit Giorgio Armani and continuing the following weekend with outfits from gucci either Schiaparelli. High chin, impeccable style, and a perfect husband, Adam Schulman (whom she has met, as well as her hatersten years of relationship) have been three of his hallmarks on the French coast.

The actress has not changed, but the world has. In the era post Me Too, certain attitudes against women are not understood. If Anne Hathaway smiles, she is celebrated. If Anne Hathaway puts together a round outfit to get out of the plane in Nice when she arrives in Cannes, she is celebrated. If Anne Hathaway stands with her fans and has no problem taking any selfies, she’s celebrated. The success of women is celebrated. The term sorority has been imposed in conversations and is exercised with Hathaway by those who stopped being her fans (or thought about it at a given moment). The interpreter, in addition, has shown herself to the world very embarrassed and has shown, even if it was at very specific moments, that she was, that she was human.

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