Dwayne Johnson’s viral response after meeting his ‘double’

The two interacted on Twitter


The actor was surprised to discover the existence of a police officer very similar to him

Dwayne Johnson's viral response after meeting his 'double'
Eric Fields and Dwayne JohnsonInstagram / @morgansheriffoffice | Netflix

Dwayne Johnson has discovered on the Internet the existence of a man who could impersonate him. Is about Eric Fields, an American police officer whose resemblance to the Hollywood star has not gone unnoticed on social media. The performer known as The rock He has dedicated a message to him that has gone viral on Twitter.

The Bleacher Report account shared a post with two photos on August 31. On the left is this lieutenant who works in Morgan County, Alabama, and on the right is the actor. The two images show that the first could be double of the second.

Johnson He retweeted the post and added: “Oh shit! Wow. The guy on the left is much cooler. Stay safe, brother, and thank you for your service. one day we will drink Teremana And I need to hear all your ‘stories of The rock‘ because I know you will.”

The policeman replied to the message with a photo of him next to a bottle of Teremana, which is the brand of tequila launched by the actor. “Thanks and cheers brother,” he wrote.

Other publications on the networks

The account of Instagram from the Morgan sheriff’s office had already spoken about the great resemblance of fields with the one who was a fighter of the WWE. A publication from last August 21 tells the story of Tylera man who works in Hartselle, a town located in the aforementioned county.

This citizen told a law enforcement officer that he was looking forward to meeting the officer people say he looks like The rock. This information reached the lieutenant, who did not hesitate to go to his place of work to greet him and take a picture with him.

August 29th Eric Fields shared in Twitter that his wife had made an action figure of him, starting from one of Dwayne Johnson and modifying it to put on a police uniform.

Dwayne Johnson’s next projects

Dwayne Johnson appears in second place in the list of the highest paid actors in Hollywood in 2021, published by Variety. She will receive 50 million dollars for her work in RedOnean action-adventure production by Amazon Studios.

Among his next releases is Red alerta film that will be released in Netflix on November 12 and in which he shares the spotlight with Ryan Reynolds (dead pool) Y Gal Gadot (wonder-woman).

Fans of the actor will be able to see him in the sequel to Jungle Cruise and in that of San Andreas. In addition, he will be in charge of Black AdamTitle of DC Comicsand will also participate in kingfilm directed by Robert Zemeckis (Forrest Gump).

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