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Since he has the use of reason, Daniel Drexler He had the feeling that he lived in two parallel worlds. That idea intensified in her adolescence, in which she alternated between an environment scientific and rational and another more connected with the artas well as intuition. He decided to choose only one: medicine.

For several years he thought that being in two areas was a great defect since he had the feeling that he divided his effort in two, so he decided to choose only one: Medicine.

At the end of his career, the music came back into his life. Now, he keeps both disciplines in parallel, since he discovered the balance point.

“I am standing at one of the most wonderful and creative intersections there is, between the science and the art. I want to continue maintaining my link with scientific disciplines, I have the feeling that my music”, Said the singer in an interview.

While part of a research group to treat tinnitus (ringing in the ear, associated with hearing loss), he also composer Uruguayan promotes his music internationally. His new easy it is in this bed.

“It is an erotic bond that does not flee from depth and intensity, but rather seeks it, it is not assigned by this ephemeral issue that crosses us in all aspects of life, the ephemeral in work, love, erotic relationships, in friendship.

“It speaks of an erotic bond that does not escape depth, it seeks it, it is not assigned by this ephemeral issue that crosses us in all aspects of life, the ephemeral in work, love, erotic relationships, in those of friendship. “.

The easy is an advance of his ninth album of nine unreleased songs, The voice of the goddess of entropywhich will be available at the end of the year, tentatively.

“There are several songs linked to the concept of entropy in our lives, that is to say about this second law of thermodynamics that says that the whole universe has a disorder and released to its own evolution, things tend to get disordered and disintegrate.

“From then on I began to talk about this concept, as if entropy were a great ruling goddess of the cosmos, a queen of Greek Olympus, who instead of having the Greek gods has great laws of science like the law of gravity, relativity, evolution,” he said.

On the other hand, the artist 53 years old said he ignored the comparisons that could exist between him and his brother Jorge, winner of the award Oscar for Best Original Song in 2005, for the theme Across the river.

Between the two, in addition to a blood tie, there is a friendship, which they have always cultivated.

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“You don’t choose your siblings, but you do choose your friends. I was lucky that, apart from having a brother, I chose him as my friend, he is probably one of my best friends, beyond the difficulties that he caused me in the initial stage because now not so much.

“The benefit is greater for having an ally in life, a wonderful person that I love very much, with whom we have mutually enriched ourselves in life, with the permanent exchange that we have of affection, knowledge, ideas, music, of everything that is holding the base of that iceberg, “he said.

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