Clinically safe HIV drug with 99% of viruses inhibited in the body

Clinical trial, showed medication for the treatment of HIV is safe and effective.

In Puerto Rico, the cumulative figures of contagion almost reach 60,000 inhabitants, of which about 21,000 are currently battling infection. Photo: Shutterstock.

Albuvirtide (ABT), its generic name, belongs to a group of anti-HIV drugs called fusion inhibitors, which block the virus from entering certain immune system cells.

For the trials, the pharmaceutical company Frontier Biotech, developer of ABT, recruited 418 patients with HIV, who had previously failed to suppress the virus with oral antiviral drugs.

Through the Xinhua news agency, from Beijing, the clinical trial resultsin phase III, which has lasted for 48 weeks, were published in the Journal of Infection and showed that the combination of ABT with the antiretroviral Kaletra revealed a good safety profile.

After taking ABT and Kaletra for four weeks, 41% of participants saw your plasma viral load was less than 50 copies/ml, which meant that the HIV viruses were “undetected”, while 83% had been treated effectively, since approximately 99% of the HIV viruses in their bodies were inhibited, according to the study.

The clinical trial, which began in 2013, is the first of its kind in the world using a two-drug regimen and the first conducted among an all-Asian sample.

In May 2018, the ABT received the new drug certificate from the Eastern Country State Drug Administrationfor already in October of the same year to be included as one of the main antiretroviral drugs available in Chinese guidelines for HIV diagnosis and treatment.

In the case of Puerto Rico, the cumulative figures reach 60,000 inhabitants and of these, about 21,000 are currently battling the infection. With higher incidence in ages 35 to 45 years, with the sequence of patients between 25 and 34 years.

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