Christian Bale did not know what the Marvel Cinematic Universe was: “I had to ask what that was”

Christian Bale was unaware that it was the Marvel Cinematic Universe Credit: Photo by Matt Baron/Shutterstock (10465665br)
Christian Bale was unaware that it was the Marvel Cinematic Universe Credit: Photo by Matt Baron/Shutterstock (10465665br)

Since the creation of Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in 2008 with Hombre de Hierro one of the internal franchises that has strongly attracted attention among all the followers of the heroes, is without a doubt Thor which It is about to release its fourth installment on July 6, 2022 by Chris Hemsworth.

However, the successful tetralogy of Thor has been questioned on several occasions by the followers of Marvel by an endless number of topics, such as the lack of seriousness in past deliveries, the excessive humor and for wasting the villains in his previous films as in Thor: The Dark World and in Thor: Ragnarok.

Thus, Marvel he took it upon himself to listen to his avid followers who demanded a villain of the level of Thanos (Josh Brolyn) in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame for Thor in a lonely way

It was thus that Taika Waititi director of Thor: Love and Thunder ad the arrival of iconic actor Christian Bale to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM) to give life to Gorr, the Butcher of Gods and which aims to be the most important nemesis since Thor It was introduced in 2011.

First trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder with the introduction of the new characters and a closer look at the powers of Mighty Thor.

His foray into marvel universe has caused a stir among the millions of UCM fans, because Christian Bale gave life to BruceWayne in the successful trilogy of Batman Directed by Christopher Nolan for DC Comics and Warner Bros. competition of Marvel Comics and Disney.

I weighed the emotion the actor himself acknowledges that he did not know he was the UCM and much less what the character he would give life to was like. It was in a recent interview for TotalFilm where Christian Bale talked about his arrival in the Marvel 616 universe and also about the surprise he got when he saw hat for the first time.

“People were like, ‘Oh, look at this! He has entered the MCU! ‘ And I was like, ‘I’ve done what? I haven’t gotten into shit*, thank you very much. I’m like, ‘The MCU?’ I had to ask what that was”, he mentioned for TotalFilm.

new images of "Thor: Love and Thunder"
New images of “Thor: Love and Thunder”

Later, the renowned 58-year-old actor born in Haverfordwest, United Kingdom acknowledged that he had to search for information about his character on Google to find out who he was, since the original sketch only allowed him to know that he was a villain of Thor.

I made the mistake of googling it and oh no! (In the comics) she runs around in a thong all the time,” explains Bale.. “And I thought, ‘They don’t have the right man for that!’ And then, Taika quickly dispelled any notions of running around with it. But I always thought about what I could do with this in front of a blue screen: I could launch whatever I wanted later on,” he confessed.

This is not the first time that the name of Christian Bale has been talked about before the premiere of Thor: Love and Thunder and it is that during the promotional tour Taika Waitit as a sign of redemption for the previous tapes of the son of odin, remarked that the villain played by the former hero of the Warner Bros will be the best nemesis in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Poster and exclusive images of "Thor: Love and Thunder"
Poster and exclusive images of “Thor: Love and Thunder”

after the defeat Asgard and the events of Avengers: Endgame, Thor he tries to change his lifestyle and regain his strength and will through hard training. This will be the fourth solo installment of the son of odin, now accompanied by The Guardians of the Galaxy which include Chris Pratt as star lord, Rocket Raccoon with the voice of Bradley Cooper, Pom Klementieff, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel and Karen Gillan returning to their roles.

It will also mark the return of his ex-partner Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) who does not participate in the MCU since 2013, her inseparable friend and current queen of Asgard, Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson).


First official trailer for “Thor: Love and Thunder”, plus the introduction of Christian Bale as Gorr
“Thor: Love and Thunder” began its pre-sale in Mexico and will have an exclusive preview
Individual posters and new preview with the protagonists of “Thor: Love and Thunder”

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