Chedraui is exhibited for bad treatment of the client; “Last time I shop there”

  • On Twitter, Chedraui has been exposed for offering poor consumer treatment.

  • The incident occurred in Acapulco and, according to the digital complaint, was supported by another user.

  • Both tweeters affirm that, in said branch of the supermarket brand, “they scold customers”.

A branch of Chedraui was exposed on social networks – on Twitter – for allegedly providing poor customer service.

These are times when consumers turn to social networks to approach brands and/or companies in order to share their experiences with them, both positive and negative.

Twitter has become, in some way, what was previously known as the “complaints window”, a space that users take advantage of to interact from different publications, and more so in this era in which digitization has reached great heights. levels.

Since its creation and until today, the use of social networks is very different, it has evolved and, in this sense, we speak of a new way through which people communicate with their environment.

Let us remember that, according to a recent report, today almost five billion Internet users live on the web, of which more than 4.5 billion are registered on social networks. In this way, taking into account the great relevance they currently have, we are talking about an essential tool for companies.

Chedraui cashier is exhibited for bad treatment of the client

Today, as we mentioned above, the consumer -whoever they are- prefers to use their networks to express all kinds of complaints, claims and even suggestions.

This is what happened with a recent complaint against Chedraui, where a consumer exhibits poor customer treatment, saying “last time I buy there”.

The complaint, in fact, was supported by another tweeter, who affirms that in said store, located in Acapulco, They scold customers.

Nowadays, gaining the confidence or preference of the consumer is not an easy thing, especially if we take into account that there is a group of consumers who, thanks to social networks, are more informed about what they consume, as well as the rights they have as a consumer.

On the other hand, Chedraui, over the years, has been able to remain in the customer’s preference thanks to the products it offers every day and, mainly, for its offers.

According to data from Statista, the most important retail stores for the Mexican consumer They are Walmart in the first place and with 2,571 stores; in second Soriana with 810 stores; Chedraui commercial group with 306 stores; and La Comer with 71 stores.

Chedraui has also achieved a significant expansion, reporting in 2019 net sales income of approximately 129 thousand 400 million pesosan increase of about 11.6 percent compared to what it registered in 2018.

These data reflect the importance of the brand for the consumer, which is why customer service is vital to continue creating a link beyond the purchase and sale of items.

Of course, Chedraui is not the only one to be singled out for poor customer treatment; Bodega Aurrerá and 7-Eleven, to name a few, also receive these types of complaints.

A few months ago, not only the bad attitude of a 7-Eleven employeebut, according to her tweet, she threatened both him and his family and even insulted him with the “Britney sign”.

This only reflects the opinion of the consumer and the conversation it generates in the digital pulse, so Merca 2.0 requested the position of the brand in order to tell both sides of the story; however, so far it has not been received. The note will be updated in case of a response.

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