Cabrera, between natural beauty and luxury accommodation

Dudu Lagoon. Photo: Jehycol August

With its beauty, coastal vegetation and diversity of attractions, Cabrera arrive each year hundreds of tourists also attracted by its diversity of attractive.

This municipality can boast that it has a spectacular landscape heritage, since you can go from an immense waterfall of fresh water, to a beach with crystal clear waters and white sand, to another that connects with the river.

Salt Creek

Beach Salt Creek (La Boca) It has the particularity that the river flows into the sea, achieving a unique experience for tourists.

It is a giant oasis of salt and fresh water, located in the municipal district of The entrancewhich fills all the senses of those who arrive there.

The place is very diverse, in some areas it can be deep, and others shallower, just as you have the hot sun on one side and the shade of any tree on the other.

the Breton

In Cabrera also beach the Bretona paradisiacal place with exuberant beauty, nestled in the heart of the Old Cape French National Monument.

  The paradisiacal El Bretón beach.  Photo: Jehycol August
The paradisiacal El Bretón beach. Photo: Jehycol August

El Bretón is a small bay enclosed by imposing cliffs, where you can enjoy a beautiful and peaceful natural environment.

And among many other attractions of Cabrera there are also the most visited ones like the Dudu Lagoonwave blue Lagoon.

  Dudu Lagoon.  Photo: Jehycol August
Dudu Lagoon. Photo: Jehycol August

The blue Lagoon the influencer, model and businesswoman was visited kim kardashianalong with their children.

It is a small lagoon with crystal clear blue waters, located a few minutes from Dudú.

And it is that, to Cabrerabelonging to the province Maria Trinidad SanchezRenowned international figures arrive, attracted by its exuberant beauty, its climate, the hospitality of its people and the diversity of attractions.

On other occasions, the municipality has been visited by actors Brad Pitt, Vin Diesel Y Mark Wahlberg; actress and singer Jennifer Lopez; Microsoft founder Bill Gates; the colombian singer JBalvin; ; the basketball player Michael Jordan; the actor Christian Bale; the tennis player Novak Djokovic; the canadian tycoon Rebecca MacDonaldamong many others.

luxury accommodation

Cabrera It also has a growing offer of accommodation, a variety of spaces with which the municipality is opening the way to high-end tourism, with exclusive and differentiated concepts.

One of these proposals are ecological projects Cabrera Lodge Y Cabrera’s Housefacilities that combine a hundred percent beach contemporary design, in the midst of a natural environment that falls in love.

Cabrera Lodge It has three boutique villas, green areas, each with its exclusive pool, allowing them to be used independently or combined (optional).

“Our villas are of 100% beach contemporary design. They are located at a strategic point with respect to the main attractions of the area (in the jamo, Cabrera), 850 linear meters from the paradisiacal and exclusive beach orchid bay either Dario hot and only 500 meters from the main entrance of Cabrera”, highlighted Luis Ramon SalcedoCEO of the brand Cabrera Lodge.

He stressed that each of the villas has three bedrooms with a complete bathroom, two of them with two showers: one normal, closed, and another Garden Shower (outdoors), in addition, two kitchens, one inside and one outside, with professional stove, hybrid BBQ, propane gas and charcoal.

while the village Cabrera’s House It also has three bedrooms with their full bathroom, terrace, patio, jacuzzi, air conditioners, BBQ area and internet connection.

Expofair Spring 2022

Cabrera also recently celebrated the Expofair Spring 2022the event of greatest importance and impact on the projection and positioning of the municipality.

The event was held from last Thursday the 16th to Sunday the 19th, attended by hundreds of tourists and buyers attracted by the diversity of articles and gastronomic offer offered by the locals.

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