Billie Eilish: “I’d rather die than not have children”

billie eilish He has granted an interview to The Sunday Times, where in addition to talking about his professional career, which continues in full swing, he has also addressed other aspects of his private life.

Despite being only 20 years old, Billie is very clear that she wants to be a mother with all her might. Specifically, the revealed to the aforementioned media that “I would rather die” than not have children in the future.

However. being so clear that she wants to become a mother does not mean that the singer has some fears about motherhood. During the interview, Billie has admitted that one of her biggest fears is that her children don’t listen to her if they ever clash: “The older I get, the more I experience things, and I think, what am I going to do when my son thinks this is the right thing to do and I say, no, it’s not? And don’t listen to me.”

This isn’t the first time Eilish has spoken about motherhood. In an interview for Vanity Fair in January 2021, the singer has already left of course her desire to be a mother: “I want to have children and I want those children to have children.”

The reason why he slept with his parents until he was 11 years old

The artist has also delved into the disorder of separation anxiety that he suffers from, which did not allow him to be separated from his parents: “I was worried about what would happen to them, I was worried about what would happen to me, I was worried that they would forget me“.

So much so, that the singer and her brother Finneas were sleeping in the same bed as his parents until advanced ages. Finneas started sleeping alone when she was 10 years old, and Billie continued to sleep with her parents until she was 11.

I couldn’t sleep alone. If I woke up and my parents weren’t in bed and the lights were off, yelled until they got to the door. And she couldn’t get out of bed in the dark because I was sure there were scorpions crawling all over the ground.

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