Billie Eilish confessed that she would “rather die” than not have children in the future

when we think of billie eilish The last thing that would come to mind is to imagine her with children, and that is that at only 20 years old, the young grammy winner she has a whole life ahead of her, but in a recent interview she talked about her dream of becoming a mother and how terrifying the idea seems to her at the same time, she finds out what she’s talking about.

With one of the most outstanding careers in music in recent times, the young performer and daughter of a family has the idea of ​​starting a family practically tattooed in her DNA, since, as her fans know, her family is a vital part of her success. professional life, so it is not surprising that, like the kardashian clan, The singer originally from Los Angeles, California, dreams of having her own family.

What does Billie Eilish think about motherhood?

In her most recent interview for the Sunday Times magazine, Billie Eilish spoke for the first time about one of her biggest dreams and it is about motherhood (despite the fact that she is a great activist for the right to abortion), since she is a a goal that has been very clear to her since she was a girl, which is why she says that “she would rather die” than not have children because, according to her, “she needs them”.

Billie Eilish says she can’t imagine her life without children.

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But despite the fact that having a family is in his plans, he admits that at the same time it is a decision that “he fears”, because as a daughter she knows that many times parents warn us of dangers and in most cases… we ignore their wisdom: “The older I get, the more I experience things, I just think, uuggh, what am I going to do when my son thinks that this is the right thing to do and I say, no, it’s not! And they will not listen to me,” she added.

In addition, one of the points that the interpreter made during the talk was how risky it is to live for many young people in the United States, and specifically refers to the latest student-generated attacks on schools, such as the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas: “Why is it okay to be afraid to go to school? You go to school and prepare for a traumatic experience that will change your life or death. What? Who? Where is the logic there?

What does Billie Eilish think about her mother?

In the interview that focused on family theme and motherhoodthe singer who has a close bond with her family, spoke that she is her great support, as is the case with his brother Finneas who is the other genius behind all his successes, but in the interview he specifically addressed his relationship with his mother Maggiesince as you know it is in charge of making its shows more sustainable for the environment.

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