Bentley, the mediator between Will Smith and Chris Rock

Both actors have as their most precious objects in their garages a Bentley model that exceeds 200 thousand dollars. Swipe and find out all the details.

It’s hard to forget what happened on the night of March 27 last on the stage of the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. Will Smith and Chris Rock starred in one of the most unfortunate scenes in the history of the seventh art. The first slapped the cheek of the second after he made fun of the alopecia areata suffered by the wife of the protagonist of “BadBoys”.

Months later, with Will in full spiritual retreat; and a Rock embarked on his Stand Up tour around the world, it is a complicated company some kind of reconciliation between both actors. However, a possible mediator came to light who could intercede between the two protagonists who also share a common taste: luxury cars.

Bentley, one of the most exclusive British manufacturers in the automotive world, is the favorite brand of both actors. With the rope about to break, from the central offices of Bentley in the city of London they could agree to a truce which leads to a handshake between Will and Chris. Until then, from Tork we review the two models that adorn the garages of those involved in the most famous slap in history.

Bentley Azure – 340 thousand dollars

With an estimated fortune of $300 million, this Bentley is the most expensive car in Will Smith’s fleet. With a unique design and a reference to the rest of the brand’s models, this Azure also has a turbocharged V8 gasoline engine with a displacement of 6.8 liters and a maximum power of 455 hp.

Bentley Continental GT – 200 thousand dollars

In the case of Chris Rock, this jewel of supercars is the most expensive in his garage. The Bentley Continental stands out for its 6.0-liter W gasoline engine with double turbocharger and 560 maximum power hp, which leads it to develop a maximum speed of 336 kilometers per hour.

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