AuronPlay, on the Saw Minecraft Games: “I liked the Squid Games better”

It’s been a few days since the Saw Minecraft Games concluded with the victory of Noni. Now that time has passed, the participants have commented on what they liked the most about the series and, also, what they liked least.

One of them has been auron, who has repeatedly wanted to highlight the incredible work that the team in charge of creating the Saw Games has done. However, the streamer has highlighted that the Squid Games he liked them better.

“To me I liked the Squid Games more. I suppose it was because of the issue of the guards, I liked that a lot. They are two different themes but the theme of the guards and the mechanics of the Squid Games I like more because I like that it is all at once, group, “she said.

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“It’s cool that it’s all group. The 100 or 150 at the same time and that they fall. But hey, that’s up to taste. But it’s different, of course, this is a different move“, continued arguing the streamer.

As they say, comparisons are odious. But en this case they are unavoidablesince both series have been made by the same team and share certain similarities.

There is no doubt that hehe Squid Games marked a before and after As far as streamer series are concerned. For some, even the event inspired by The Squid Game seems to be insurmountable.

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