Arturo Castro and renowned artists with whom he has acted in movies and series

Thanks to his talent as an actor, the Guatemalan Arthur Castro has made a space for himself in important film and television productions, in which he has had the opportunity to Act beside renowned artists international.

Next, we share a list of the actors with whom the “chapín” has shared the screen in different films and series:

Renowned artists with whom Arturo Castro has performed

Hannibal Buress

Broad City It was one of his first important roles in Hollywood and with which he began to make himself known. In this television series, Castro acted alongside Hannibal Buressa famous American actor and comedian.

Tate Donovan

Tate Donovan He was one of the first actors with whom Arturo had the opportunity to share the screen. This American actor is recognized for his multiple appearances in television series such as friends and movies like argus.

It was in the movie Sun Belt Express, released in 2014, where they shared several scenes together. In this film, the Guatemalan was also together with other long-standing actresses such as Rachel Harris Y Ana de la Reguera, among other.

susan sarandon

Susan Sarandon She is an American actress who has been nominated several times for the Golden Globe Awards and has an extensive career in Hollywood movies. In 2016, the Guatemalan coincided with her on the set of the feature film Ace the Case.

Vin Diesel and Steve Martin

In 2016, Arturo starred in one of the characters that gave life to the film Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walkin which he shared casting with Wine DieselSteveMartin, kristen Stewart, Chris Tuckeramong others.

For Arturo, in this feature film he had the opportunity to coincide with one of his greatest influences, the case of Steve Martin.

dave baptist

Known for his character as Drax in the Marvel movies, dave baptist and the Guatemalan actor shared the screen in the film Bushwickwhere he was also accompanied by the actress Brittany Snow.

Peter Pascal

Another important television series in which Arturo had the opportunity to act was Narcos, specifically in season 3. The Guatemalan shared casting with important Latin actors such as Peter Pascal, Damian Alcarazamong others.

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner is a renowned American actress who has already won a Golden Globe for her performances in major motion pictures. In 2021, she participated in the feature film Yes Dayin which the Guatemalan Arturo also acted.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

In 2021 the television series also premiered mr. Cormanin which Arturo is one of the main characters along with American Joseph Gordon-Levitt, winner of best actor at the Golden Globe Awards.

Anya Talyor–Joy

The last film in which Arturo will act will be Menuwhich will premiere in 2022. On this occasion, the Guatemalan was accompanied by actors such as Anya taylorJoy, Nicholas Hoult Y Ralph Fiennesamong others.

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