Are you crazy?: Tom Cruise at full throttle against two Formula 1 drivers

On the occasion of the promotion of the latest installment of Top Gun, its protagonist Tom Cruise was mounted in Silverstone against Mark Webber and David Coulthard. Next, the video and the story that surrounds it.

top gun” is an important name, not only in the career of Tom Cruise, but also in American culture. The mythical first installment, released in 1986 and directed by Tony ScottIt was an event in itself.

top gun it concentrated, in its script and its lineage, several sensitive points that make up that nation. Aviation as a form of love for a country, romance, certain songs and the North American devotion to automotive culture and speed.

Recently, the sequel to that eighties classic was released. It is, specifically, “Top Gun: Maverick”. Tom Cruise remains the protagonist of the film hand in hand with the character Maverick, but now he is accompanied by a different cast: Miles Teller, Val Kilmer and Jennifer Connelly.

In the top gun original, who made his appearance with precision was the Intermeccanica 356A Speedster. Porsche has a secondary participation with its classic 911 model. However, the Canadian factory Intermechanics is part of the Porsche conglomerate, working specifically on the model porsche 356.

In the new installment of top gunthe return is not exact – since there are no “whole” models of the mythical Intermeccanica 356A Speedster, but what decided the production of the film is that its spirit is there, its epic. And how to do it? Easy. The car they chose for “have the importance of another actor” is the classic Porsche model that had already appeared in the original: porsche 911 -but this time in its S version-

Let’s stop at this porsche. factory dating in 1973completely in white, sporty and urban at the same time -a classic wink from the Porsche house-, this 911 shines in the new installment of top gun. Without wanting to fall into spoilers, I will not advance who drives it, or how.

Now, for the promotion of the new film, Tom Cruise was measured with two pilots from Formula 1 in the mythical circuit of Silverstone in Britain. Specifically, pilots are Mark Webber and David Coulthardboth of great renown while they remained in the prestigious competition.

The car used by the three drivers – the two F1 drivers and Tom Cruise – are, of course, porsche. Since this factory is actively participating in the promotion of the film. The model they drive is, nothing more and nothing less, than the latest generation of the Porsche 911GT.

Next, the video of Cruise and the Formula 1 drivers driving at full speed:

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