Apple celebrates music on Apple Watch and Fitness Plus

Apple Fitness +, the fitness and wellness service created around the Apple Watch designed for every level of experience and training, celebrates music with a new series of “Featured Artist” sessions dedicated to world-renowned artists and with a special selection of content focused on dancing, yoga, running and training. The new “Featured Artist” sessions are already available: they include music by Elton John, Katy Perry, Prince and Daft Punk.

Starting this week, Fitness + adds new workouts to the “Featured Artist” series featuring music from Elton John, Katy Perry, Prince and Daft Punk. The series dedicates an entire training playlist to each individual artist. Every Monday for four weeks, new workouts for each artist will arrive on Fitness +, divided according to different types of workouts, including Bike, HIIT, Strengthening, Yoga, Dance and Treadmill.Apple celebrates music on Apple Watch and Fitness Plus

Fitness + users can take a bike ride to Prince’s music, a HIIT workout to the beat of Katy Perry, a Strengthening workout with Daft Punk and a Yoga session accompanied by Elton John’s music. In the bike workout, Fitness + instructor Sherica Holmon will lead users through seven songs that represent Prince’s affinity for the number seven, including “Kiss”, “I wanna be your lover” and “I would die 4. U “.

In a Yoga session led by Molly Fox, Fitness + instructor, users will follow the flow to the rhythm of Elton John’s music with four pieces from his incredible catalog, including “Tiny Dancer”, “Your Song”, “Daniel” and “Blessed”. Each song will explore a different pose as users practice standing balance, stretch, bend and loosen their muscles.

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In training on the treadmill with music by Katy Perry, Fitness + instructor Jamie-Ray Hartshorne guides users through some of Katy Perry’s greatest hits, including “Teenage Dream”, “California Gurls (feat. Snoop Dogg) ”,“ Last Friday Night (TGIF) ”and“ Firework ”.

The “Featured Artist” series offers over 50 workouts that combine almost all types of training with different types of music, with artists such as BTS, Queen, Nicki Minaj, Beatles, Shakira, Calvin Harris, Keith Urban, Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys and Jennifer Lopez.

Those with Apple Music and Apple One subscriptions will also be able to listen to the Fitness + Spotlight series, inspired by workouts. The series includes an exclusive playlist for each Featured Artist, with motivating and energetic tracks from their entire catalog, as well as collaborations and remixes to energize even when not training with Fitness +.

For more information on the Apple One Premium and Fitness + subscription you can consult this article from macitynet.

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